Death, Love, and Some Guy by Joe Seri

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SUMMARY: July Contest: Deception. Enjoy!

Gareth frowned. "Am I dead then? Just like that?"

Death was not much to look at with his bony face and pale skin. The sickly visage of the god sort of scared him. Obviously reaping souls for a living was not a healthy lifestyle. Not mention the god sat crossed legged on the ground like some kindergarten girl.

"Well did you do it?" the god demanded, clearly irritated. The long hours were clearly starting to wear on the god.

"Do what?"


"Oh. I don't think so. I was hitting on Love. I was going to score, too, but this happened."

Death scratched his head, nail against bone. "That might be a sign."

His eyebrows bunched together. "Whatever are you talking about? Ain't you supposed to pronounce me dead or something?"

"Good idea," Death said. "BEHOLD!" Death raised the sickle and lashed out at Gareth.

He sidestepped the attack.

"Damn it! This thing is useless." Death flung the weapon to the ground.

"Can you take me back to Love?"

Death scowled, his facial bones scraping together. "No! I'm Death, not Taxi Cab. Besides, you're dead!"

"I knew you were going to say that..."

Death folded his arms. "Am I the god here or are you?"

"I could be a god too. It don't look so hard."

"You obviously haven't taken the Test, then," Death sniffed.

"I can take it. I bet it ain't even hard."

Death's empty sockets studied him. "Fine," the god snarled and turned to walk away. "I'll get the test. And I bet you your life you're going to get a F."

He had waited for this moment. Gareth surged forward and cracked Death directly on the cranium.

"Ow! You horrible man. Why did you do that?"

"Love told me to."


"It's complicated."

"Explain before I kill you...again."

"Okay, okay, I'll tell you. Last Saturday, Love went to the mall. While shopping at Victoria's Secret she overheard a woman say ‘Love is dead'. She thought she had survived an assassination attempt. So naturally, you became the prime suspect."

The god frowned. "And what do you have to do with this?"

Gareth grimaced. "I told her my love for her was so great that I was willing to overcome Death."

"A bad choice of words," Death observed.

"You have no idea."