Dreams I - The Beginning by Eolill Mosaw

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SUMMARY: Thauril is haunted by dreams of the Beginning, before which was Nothing, and after was Change.

Silence. Crystal clear and dark, empty and naught but nothingness.

Came a whisper. Silence, soft and warm, not entirely without sound, but without noise.

Came a sigh.

Came a shriek.


Thauril opened his eyes and stared into the darkness of his room. It was a quiet night, it being the night after a night of feasting. Everybody was sleeping for two nights tonight. Usually the city was awake and alive still by this hour, but not this night. It was unerring.

But Thauril didn't think of the quietness, the slumber of the city. He sat up and rubbed his weary eyes - he, too, had been awake last night in the great feast to honor the Godess. But he knew there was no going back to sleep now. He would not be able to stop thinking of the dream.

These dreams... they had been bothering him for some time, now. Only for a few weeks, still it seemed he had lived his whole life waking every other night, dreaming of the Beginning.

For he was sure that was what it was, now. The Beginning. He knew it in his bones, it had to be true - what else could it be? The dreams was surely not his own. Such abstract dreams you couldn't have, when by day your head was filled with day-to-day tasks of the court, and surely not for weeks.

There is a saying. This is true. Thauril did not invent the... the Beginning. It's something we know happened. Our presence is proof - somewhere it began, no? But there wasn't just a beginning. There was a Beginning. Of Time. And Space.

And most of all... of Change.

Before the Beginning there was nothing. The Beginning was the beginning of itself, and although people cannot understand fully how there could be -nothing- before it, there was not anything.

And nothing, as you may imagine, is quite one-sided. Nothing is absolute. Never changes. When not even time is around, you would think it doesn't matter how biased it is... but it did. Somehow, for some reason, it did matter. However anything could matter when there was nothing.

Anyway, when Nothing had happened for forever - since when Time is not there, everything, even everything of Nothing, is forever - Change had to come. Change began with the Beginning, and the biggest changes were Time and Space. Life is small, insignificant, Feelings, that is not, as I might say already at this point, not as insignificant, as it is not bound to life the way we think. Feelings linger in the earth, in the wind, in the water, and even in the clothes on your back. Mayhap not thougths - thoughts are oh so small, just a cirkle in a pond, when the pond is a drop in an ocean, just one ocean on a world of oceans in an Endless universe of Worlds. Mayhap not thoughts, but Feelings, and although feelings are not as great a power as Change, or even as Time or Space, among humans they are a power to reckon with.

Since the beginning, time har worn on. Time doesn't grow old, and could well go on forever, and so will, until a freak current in the Nothing outside our Changes - because there must always be a Nothing somewhere, outside what we know, since our Changes are not absolute - until the Nothing throws the Time in upon itself, on which Nothing will reign once again, forever in an instant, when the absoluteness of the Nothing brings itself to a Change again, because if you give something Forever to happen, and if it can, at all, happen, then it will.