Mera: A Byshen Story(ch. 5) by Acton Bell

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That was not important. What was important was that she speak to him, gain his aid. She could not allow Ladye Alinora and G'ar to follow through on their plans. Especially when it seemed their revenge was directed at the wrong person.
Later, looking out the window of the room she had been assigned in House El-Zora, she considered the problem. The Ladye Alinora would not listen to her. To the Regent of El-Zora Fe'nix, Mera was not more than a servant temporarily raised in status, a tool to be used. It was clear from her attitude that she had no intention of stepping down from her position of Regent of House El-Zora Fe'nix. Though she would publically name G'ar Head of House, Ladye Alinora would retain the real power. Mera and G'ar would be but figureheads.
G'ar. Though the door separated them, she was aware of his presence on the other side, having quickly become attuned to the feel of his Talents against her shields. He was not planning for a future beyond tomorrow.
Mera turned from the window and grabbed a cloak she had unpacked earlier and her reticule from the bedside stand. The heels of her boots clicked against the bare floor as she strode across the room. She paused at the door that led to the hall, then opened it. She would not allow G'ar to commit suicide.
The upper hall and stair were empty. The Ladye Alinora had sent Mera and G'ar to their rooms after their arrival at the compound, while she had disappeared into the study with Koryak. G'ar had seemed pleased to retire with a tray, but Mera had been unable to eat or settle.
The foyer, its tiled floor inset with a mosaic of a sword piercing a star was likewise empty as Mera stepped off the stairs. The study door was open and she could see the Ladye had retired elsewhere.
Mera hesitated. If she were in House T'o'lz she would have simply had a servant call a vagn for her. Or called one for herself. But here she had no authority. Her request would immediately be relayed to the Ladye and most likely denied.
She shrugged the cloak about her shoulders. She would simply have to walk until she could hail a public car.
"Where are you going?"
Mera jumped at the soft question. G'ar stood on the bottom stair, a strange expression on his face. She read disappointment, anger and resignation before the smooth, unreadable mask slid into place. She felt guilt flush her cheeks; then angry at her reaction, she said too loudly, "Out. I could not rest."
G'ar took her arm, his grip stronger than she had expected. His fingers bit into her flesh. "You are going to betray us to L'ars Ca'dean. You are just like Lrai." His hold tightened. Mera gasped in pain, but he either did not hear or did not care. The dark eyes glittered and Mera could feel his Psi energy rising against her shields. A vase on a nearby table clattered in place and the study door began to swing. G'ar was losing control of the telekinetic strand of his Psi ability. "A Negative Psi can not be trusted," he growled.
Ignoring the pain and her own rising fear, Mera concentrated on G'ar's power, visualizing it as a streamer of light that had to be rewound and locked away.

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