Vampire hunter (New Prologue) by Diane Rainey

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SUMMARY: A re-written prologue to Vampire Hunter: The End's Beginning. Hopefully this one is better than the other one.

0. Prologue

"I'm not going to ask you again, Arthur," the man in the middle said. I watched from the crack between the door and its archway, keeping myself out of sight from the three men and my bloody parents. My eyes darted around like bullets, trying to inject the scene into my mind; but it was difficult to completely process. My mother and father were sliced up like hams, blood trickling down like rain from the rain gutters; the sight of their blood made my gut heave foreword, as if it was going to tear itself out from behind my skin. When the man continued speaking, my eyes went to him like an item goes to the highest bidder. "Where is she?" When the man spoke, I noticed two pointed teeth sticking out among the rest of his straight teeth. The men, they were vampires.
I tried to keep as silent as I could; my mind was telling me that I should run, but my body seemed to be cemented to the wooden floor. I slid my eyes to my father, waiting for him to answer.
"I told you," My father said. His voice was so dark that I wasn't able to sift through it and find the kind man who was my father. This man wasn't my father, even if it was his body. My mother, wearing her thigh-high pink silk nightgown with pink laces over her shoulders, was crumbled over her knees, crying. Her cries tore my heart out and left only bloody organ threads in his place. "I don't know what you're talking about."
The man in the middle didn't say anything after my father answered. Not directly after, anyway. He just smiled, revealing his fangs, and approached my father. My father inched back with every step the man took closer to him until he was up against the side of my parents' bed.
"I know you're lying," the man said.
"I'm not lying," My father said, pools of shadows in his voice. "I have no idea what you're talking about." I believed my father, but the man didn't. He pulled my father up by the collar of his night shirt and barred his fangs. I watched in paralyzed awe as they grew and pierced the carotid artery in his neck, allowing small dribbles of blood to slide across his Adams apple and drip off onto the floor.
His death seemed to happen in slow motion. I was trapped, watching the blood be drained out of him; it was like I was taped to a chair, forced to watch the same scene over and over. But while it seemed to take a lifetime, it was over in a flash. The vampire dropped my father on the floor as if he were a bundle of blankets, licked the excess blood off his lips and turned his attention to my mother. The rim around her eyes was red from crying, but she had a dark strength in them that frightened me.
"Are you going to cooperate, Tabby?" he asked. My mother shook her head as she looked down at the floor. I'd never seen my mother look so weak, so broken, and so full of hate. I didn't recognize her as my mother, were these even my parents? "Have it your way." He turned from my mother and gave his attention to the two other vampires in the room. "I'll let you two have her. Teach her a lesson." The two men smiled at each other and pounced on my mother.
They lifted her up on the bed and pinned her down.

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