Vampire Hunter (The (new) new prologue) by Diane Rainey

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SUMMARY: The edited for the third time prologue to Vampire Hunter: The End's Beginning

0. Prologue

"I'm not going to ask you again, Arthur," the man in the middle said. I watched from the crack between the door and its archway, keeping myself out of sight from the three men and my bloody parents. My eyes darted around like bullets, trying to inject the scene into my mind; but it was difficult to completely process. When the man continued speaking, my eyes went to him like an item goes to the highest bidder. "Where is she?" When the man spoke, I noticed two pointed teeth sticking out among the rest of his straight teeth. The men, they were vampires.
"I told you," my father said. His voice was so cold that I nearly froze from hearing it. "I don't know what you're talking about!" The vampire raised the corners of his mouth, flashing his pointed fangs at my parents. I felt the knives of fear stab into my heart as the vampire moved himself closer to my father. I couldn't possibly explain how it felt to watch that man, if a man is what you would call him; lift my father up from the floor by the collar of his shirt. My body tingled with the dead numbness to a point where my limbs felt as if they might have imploded on themselves.
"I know you're lying to me." He said. But afterwards, his voice became like rogue thunder. "Where is she?" I swallowed silently and pressed my teeth against my lower lip. Tears trickled out of my eyes and down my cheeks, but I had to swallow the loud cries building up inside.
"I. Don't. Know." My father said. The vampire's thick eyebrows caved in on his face and his grip on my father's collar tightened.
"You'll rot for your lies," He said. He growled as if he were no better than an angry dog. He put his free hand on the side of my father's head, pulled it down with such force that I thought he'd broken his neck, and stabbed his neck with the two knife-like teeth in his mouth. I felt my stomach lurch foreword, making me worry that it would rip itself out from behind my skin or that I might vomit.
He dropped my father's body to the floor like a bundle of sheets, and gave his attention to my mother—to whom my attention had also been given. Her once brilliant hair fell limp in her face, and her once kind eyes shimmered with green sadness when she looked up at the vampire.
"Are you going to cooperate, Tabby?" He asked. Mother lowered her head, but said nothing. Her hair fell like a tattered curtain over the sides of her face, making her look like a slave awaiting a beating. The vampire seemed to take that as her answer. He turned to the other two vampires in the room and said, "Do what you want with her,"
Everything that happened after they lifted my mother onto the bed seemed to happen in a thick cloud of mist. I kept expecting myself to jolt awake in my nice, comfortable bed. But the moaning and groaning coming from the vampire currently raping my mother, her screams and cries were knives piercing through my fabricated patch-work hope that it was just a nightmare. Each desperate cry from my mother made me want to slam my head against the wall.
"Miss Alice!" Geoffrey, our family butler, whispered from behind me.

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