Victor - Chapter 01 - The lawyer by Federico Patané

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SUMMARY: first version of chapter 1. will need editing and corrections. All critiques/comments will be welcomed


Chapter 01: The lawyer

I must begin my story by telling you about my lawyer. She plays a very important part in my life, at least in this time. Of course, I have always needed a mortal I could trust. I need for someone to take care of things that in this times can only be done in daytime. Matters of money and business as well as needs that require the purchase of some objects that have to be equally acquired while the sun shines in the sky.
I found her many years ago when I was looking for legal representation. She was very young back then and I was surprised by her complete lack of morals and ethics. I must confess, thought, that I was looking just for that quality. She was about my height, she had long hair that she wore always tied to the back of her head in a pony tail. She was also very greedy and thought that everything in this world could be settled with money. She was perfect for me. I had gathered much money during the years and for me it had become nothing but painted paper. But it was necessary if I was to spend my days among mortals that thought of it as if it were the most important thing in the world. This money had assured me my home and my peace when I wanted it, and many times had bought for me the services of people such as her.
At first it was my money that made her accept my strange demands. They were really not that strange, but in the world of mortals, if a clients calls upon his lawyer in the middle of the night might be, at least, suspicious. I believe that in the beginning she must have thought that I was involved with the mafia, perhaps some kind of drug deals or something like that. But there was one night when I became clumsy. I had gone out to feed and I had not been tidy or merciful. On that night I was angry, I don't really remember why but I had felt the anger rise in me fast and strong and I had gone out as soon as the sun hid behind the horizon. I have searched fast for a criminal. Someone outside the law that no one would care if he ceased to be. I had soon found one and with all my anger and my hate I took upon him my entire wrath and I hit him. I tortured him. I made him wish for death and I filled him with the worst pain he had ever felt. All of this I did without speaking a word, so you must imagine that this man, helpless, must have felt the frustration of not knowing why he was being punished. It came as no surprise for him for he spoke many names and many things he had done. He asked and begged me to tell him why. He was prepared to accept his punishment only if he knew the reason of it. But that night I was not entirely myself. I was not the civilized being that I usually am. When he could defend himself no more and the pain had become unbearable I fed from him. I Bit his wounds where the blood was bursting easily and this gave me much pleasure, and at the same time it brought even more pain to the dying man. He cried. He begged. All of this in vane. He no longer asked for forgiveness or for information. He was just begging me to let him die quickly. He wanted to end this horrible torment that I had imposed on him.

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