The Master, the Man, and the Maniac by Yeroc Sema

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He awoke to the pitter-patter of a few drops of freezing cold water. It was dripping directly on his now click forehead. He watched for a second as a pair of drops hit his forehead again. He shifted his head so the water was no longer landing on him. Looking upward, he saw the dark, red orange, rusted pipes, hence the dripping water.
Where was he?
He sat up abruptly, snapping his head left and right looking at the room around him. His first observation, no matter how obvious, was that it was dark. Not pitch black dark, but there was a definite lack of natural and artificial light. The second thing he saw was the mirror. He didn't see it because it stood out from everything else; it was just that there was nothing in the room for it to stand out against.
Standing and approaching the somehow ominous looking furniture, he couldn't help but notice the figure growing larger inside of the glass. He was roughly six feet tall with spiky black hair. His face appeared drooped somewhat around the eyes, as if from lack of sleep. He had the stubble on his face of a man whom had shaved fairly recently. He wore a long sleeved red t-shirt and a pair of plain blue jeans. No shoes; wonderful.
He acknowledged that the man in the mirror was actually himself. That was a, after all, what a mirror did. A letter taped to the mirror caught his eye. On it was a name: Joseph Rineer. Who was that? What was his own name for that matter? Was it Joseph? That name somehow sounded... right. It must have been Joseph. Even if that wasn't his name, he was sure whoever he was wouldn't mind, this situation was getting weird.
Joseph ripped the cream colored envelope from the mirror. He tore the top of it off and emptied the contents into his upturned palm. It was a bullet. Thirty eight caliber, belonging to a fifty seven magnum. How did he know that? Then it hit him. He had amnesia. A million questions flashed through his head as he imagined the different ways he could have arriver there or why he was there.
The mirror flickered green and blue for a second. Mirrors didn't do that. He didn't know how he knew that but he was sure that mirrors didn't randomly change colors. Another man's figure appeared on the screen. It was not his own this time.
It was a man about his size. He wore an old fashioned pinstriped suit completed with a hat to match it. The man was smiling; Joseph didn't like that. His face was so dark it looked like his teeth were glowing.
"Good afternoon my friend! I trust you had a nice rest?" burst out the man so suddenly that it startled him. When Joseph realized that the man in the mirror was talking to him he gave a short but noticeable nod.
The man's smile grew even wider as he said, "Wonderful, wonderful! Well you will need your rest. I expect nothing less than perfection from you Joseph. We'll start as soon as you leave the room." Joseph looked around, but he saw no door. How was he supposed to get out? Why was he leaving in the first place? From where was he departing and what was his destination? "Good luck, Joseph! I hope to see you soon."
"Wait!" Joseph called out.

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