Vampire Hunter--chapter 1 by Diane Rainey

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SUMMARY: The first chapter of meh story. After Prologue, of course.

1. Chapter One

It was a rainy night around ten thirty in June; a month, in which, Londoners could expect two inches or so of rain. A normal person would have been sitting at home on this rainy night with a cup of bubbling tea and a good book, listening to the patter of the pellet rain smack against their windows and slide down into its own little personal stream. They would be surrounded by a parent, loved one, or pet and have themselves wrapped in a warm blanket with the fireplace ablaze.
But I'm not a normal person.
Instead of sitting at home, enjoying the evening with my family; I was standing beside the rows of freezers in a local gas station in London, pretending to be trying to find the brand of milk I wanted. Occasionally, I would look over my shoulder at a pale, redhead girl with high cheekbones who was standing with her boyfriend in front of the candy. The boy wasn't nearly as pale as the girl, but I understood why. Until the time was right, I pretended to be just another costumer trying to find her brand of milk.
The couple interested me. I paid more attention to the girl, but my attention would occasionally wonder off to the boyfriend she had. He was a cute guy, nice round features and almond shaped; sharp silver eyes. He had light black stubble on his face and shaggy red hair hanging in his eyes. I found myself momentarily attracted by him, but ignored it easily. I was too much in love with my work to ever consider cheating on it with a mortal traitor. That was what he was, whether he knew it or not.
I brushed my fingerless gloved palm over the spot where my left .9 millimeter pistol rested in its holster, waiting for when it was time to act. I didn't want to act too quickly; one slip and I could jeopardize the whole mission. I inhaled and exhaled evenly, trying not to bring too much attention to myself. I was careful not to make them to slow or shaky, I didn't want to appear nervous at all.
Truthfully, I wasn't nervous.
By that time, I'd been in that situation so many times that I had nothing to fear any longer. I wasn't a novice anymore; I was experienced and knew what to do in every eventuality. I kept my eye on the redhead and her boyfriend, a task that was a lot harder than it might sound. I couldn't watch them through the reflective mirrors in the corners because the girl didn't cast a reflection, something that assured me that I was watching the right person. The boy, however, did cast a reflection and rarely left his girl's side. That didn't make watching them through the reflective mirrors any easier; he could leave her side at any moment.
She had on a cherry red tank top with a denim skirt that went to her knees, and then unraveled. She had the type of high heels that were blocky and wood looking with red straps across her toes and ankle. Her little toe-nails were painted red, to match her long red fingernails. A very smart outfit, too bad she had to die in it.
I saw the girl try to pull her boyfriend out of the gas station. In the near-silence, I heard her promise him anything he wanted if they could leave.

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