Vampire Hunter--chapter 1 by Diane Rainey

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She said it in a voice that tipped everyone off to the fact that she meant that she would let him touch her if they left. I felt nothing for having to kill that girl; she meant little to nothing to me. It was what she was that made killing her all the easier.
Within one swift movement; I spun around, grabbed my pistols, aimed, and began to shoot at her wildly. It wasn't so wild because I had her right in the line of fire, while doing my best to keep her boyfriend out of it. She dodged behind the snack foods rack, barring her long fangs at me when she had the chance. She hissed at me through the whirring of my bullets, sounding almost inaudible under the sound of gunfire. The cashier had pushed the silent alarm several times since the fight had begun; but my most important priority was the girl.
Both she and I stopped the fight when police cruisers parked outside the store, with sirens blazing red and policemen with Glocks in their hands, ready to blow the intruder's brains out all over the pavement if they resisted arrest. I would admit, I always felt a feeling of anticipation when the police had to show up; but I knew that I was in no danger of them, not when there was a vampire in my sights.
A pair of cops busted into the store, aiming their guns at me. I knew why they aimed at me, it was because in their eyes; I was a vigilante who did things for her own best interest. Maybe they were right, in a way. But as they ordered me to drop my weapon, I reached into my pocket and showed them my license. It was a bad idea for a vampire hunter to leave the house without her hunting license; it was like someone leaving the house without their driver's license. If they got pulled over they'd be S.O.L and have to go downtown. I, however, rarely made that mistake.
The cops looked between me and the license, and then looked up at the reflective mirror at where the girl was standing. They gave me permission to carry on. Just as they allowed me to go back to work; the girl sped out of the gas station at full speed—surprisingly graceful for someone wearing blocky high-heels. I would have been impressed, if it were a normal person and not a vampire.
I went out after her as the cops told the other pair that I was a vampire hunter in pursuit. The part of the job that I liked was that I could fight vampires without fearing incarceration by local powers that be. I followed the girl out into the parking lot, where the two cops tried to stop her for me.
"Get out of the way!" I shouted. They backed off almost immediately, giving me room to shoot at her. The girl dodged most of my bullets, until one hit her in the arm. She swore loudly as she ducked into a dark ally on the side of the gas station; where I could barely see her.
The ally was so quiet I could hear my boots squish on the wet ground underneath. I listened for the sound of a bullet pellet falling to the ground, but heard nothing. The police sirens had gone silent, and the rain had caused my moonlight hair to stick to the sides of my face. I held my soaked fingers on the triggers of my guns, ready to attack at any moment.

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