Identity by Era Millings

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SUMMARY: Entry for August Flash Fiction. More for critique than anything; was a spur of the moment sort of story...

Ella was so very drunk. If only I had realized that sooner.

I tried to tell her to stop. But she laughed, pushing me away. The other girls, garbed in slutty outfits and 'sexy' accessories were all gathered around her, telling her to keep chugging, their cruel, severely made-up eyes glinting slyly at one another as they poured the under-age girl drink after drink, their own hands shivering from the effects of the alcohol. A cigarette in hand, one teen gave out a puff of smoke from the tobacco, and then handed the roll to Ella, who looked at it for a moment, blinking stupidly before giggling and waving it around and then placing it inside her mouth. The others around her weren't much better, and those who were did nothing, simply enjoying the show of the nerd girl gone cool.

This was so wrong. I was trapped in a void of pure disbelief. This wasn't what I had wanted at all. Not at all.

I had brought her here. And she was going to kill herself if I didn't do something.

"Ella, listen to me," I said, stepping into the circle. Sarah put her hands on my chest and shoved me backwards against the wall, her hot, brutal breath tickling my face.

"Luke, chill out. She's having the time of her life," she said, her fancy brown bun spewing strands of hair as she laughed in a drunk stupor. Her hands traveled my body seductively. "We could have the time of our life as well. Forget about her," she murmured huskily, and tried to press her lips to mine. I gulped and took her hands away from me, pushing her away. She staggered a moment, and looked up in annoyance.

"No, Sarah. You listen to me: I dragged her here, and I'm taking her home. This isn't right," I cried, shuddering inwardly.

She just rolled her eyes lazily. "How lame. You know, if you leave, you're both out of the club."

I paused for a moment.

I had done everything to get us inside. Leaving would be destroying everything I had worked for.

But that wasn't important. What is important is that it was stupid of me to bring her to that party. She hadn't wanted to go. But I wanted to be somebody, and to be someone, I had to go to that club. She came to stop me. And now look...

But it was only in that moment that I paused, for losing Ella would be nothing like losing a pointless membership in this club, or even losing my identity.

Because maybe I didn't want to be in this club anyway. Maybe I could become someone else without their help. Or not. But who cared anymore? I myself could barely see through the haze of the one or two beers I had drunk.

"Too bad," I growled, and her black eyes reflected a twinge of remorse for a moment before she shrugged and walked back into the group, hips swinging.

I followed her, but pushed angrily past to where Ella was drinking and talking in the center. I seized her right hand and began to pull her away, but she snorted and pulled back. "What are you doing, Luke?" she asked, jaw slack as she gazed up at me with her unfocused blue eyes. Oh, those eyes had been so beautiful...

"C'mon, Ella, we're leaving," I said softly, and her bottom lip started trembling.

"Why?" she asked, pouting like a three year old.

"Ella," I said, pressing her close to me and looking her straight in the eye.

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