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SUMMARY: Meandering fantasy, parody starting from a simple IT organization!!

Benign offices of a Information Technology organization...
I called it the cubicle-land, I needed a special cube-mine-sweeper to steer clear of some of the dangerous mined cubicles, they were people but dangerous. The lead sat two cubicles to the right, all passage out of the cubicle land required passing via that route. He inevitably looked up to any passer-by, not sure if he was paid to keep tab of such things or it was his value-added service to the organization. I had this intense craving to see the secret spread-sheets he might be filling with the timings of every team-members pee, tea, loo, lunch - breaks!
The many thousand square feet was crammed with hundreds of cubicles. A forty square feet cubicle was occupied by two people. If we were lucky we get a perfumed-beauty sitting behind us, spending seventy percent of her life time with us away from her proposed, loved, husband, boyfriend, Etc. In those occasions when the perve-nerve switches on, a funky chain-mail comes in handy to kick start a conversation. Those were the lucky lottery allotted-cubes. My luck, I sat behind a sweaty Gorilla, who smelt garlic, onions and whatever he had eaten for breakfast\lunch\brunch\when did he stop eating, he even munched while staring at the monitor, with one hand on some crunchy, fried, oily, chilly stuff and the other on the mouse moving that randomly avoiding the screen-saver popping out to inactivity. And he was my best-friend.
"It is today"
"munch...munch .. (add munch in-between every word) So at last you are going to follow your Gates dream? So where have you setup your garage?", The sweaty Gorilla.
"I am not a Harvard drop-out"
"Well you are soon going to be IT-industry drop-out!"
As all work goes there is burn-out with redundancy. And frustration at being cubic-alized. They could as well stamp us with numbers, have round the shift guards and check us in by the numbers, what am I saying, they have already done that. The last day of my job at tech-no-sense, my duty\legacy\last-act as a disgruntled employee was to create a polymorphic, self-replicating, mutilating, crapcreating, wormy, illogical, trojan, back-door, trap-door, Virus-like program. I created one, uploaded to our software repository and informed my sweaty Gorilla friend that I was done with the last bug-fix at tech-very-much-crap-sense!

Some days after...
I had setup shop in the garage, for I had no car. My idea for the start-up was to create another layer of abstraction to the already multi-layered abstractionalized solution-platforms existing in our IT industry, call it Enterprise-Vertical-Entrepreneur, acronym it EVE and create another programming language ADAM, that would be object-oriented-functional-structural-paradigmal-patternal-among many other '-als' (I would employ a Stanford\MIT\Cambridge\Oxford\IIT\IIM\Some-big-university drop-out to write the first book on this platform). I would make ADAM open-source, EVE would require a specialized team of must-pay-multi-million dollar highly-technical professionals to customize to the business platform.

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