Cold Blood, Warm Heart by Allen Chum

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SUMMARY: I'm posting for my brother, please leave a feedback if you could.

On the third night of the full moon, a meteor shower split the night skies. A bad omen. In a small secluded village, a priest sensed an impending doom. The villagers stared in awe of the celestial scene, while the priest knelt down for a prayer. On the outskirts of the village, three demon snakes are slithering towards the village. This particular village was at the edge of a cliff. The village itself is quite peaceful and with that, not many of them knew the art of combat. It was uncommon for a large group of people to be attacked, especially in their own village. The snakes were gigantic. Their scales were of diamond. As they wriggled their way, the shrubs and the roots of trees were shredded down to nothingness.

"The shrine is on fire!" a voice shouted. The priest jumped up in excitement and thought to himself, the omen has changed! The villagers were no longer gazing at the comets, instead they gathered around the sacred shrine. He made his way towards the shrine and ran inside the burning building. The flames did not burn him. On top of the altar laid an infant of red hair and red eyes, he was to be their savior. The priest's mouth dropped. How can an infant protect us from the demons? As he reached for the child he noticed the cloth, there were scriptures. On the cloth of the babe was an incantation to draw fourth his powers.

"...Is this... the God of flames?" The priest said, bewildered. Quickly he grabbed the infant and started reciting the incantation. "Zo-sho-katon-nami-wa-kycoo." The flames that cannot burn was absorbed and made into a thin barrier around the infant which seeped inside his sweat glands. As he dashed out the door he noticed a long sparkly object making way towards the unsuspected villagers. The demon snake trio was stealthy, but with their size and the luster from the moonlight, it was hard to miss. "Demons! Get into the shrine!" the priest shouted, "now!" Bewildered, the villagers stood still for moment and dashed in the shrine. As the last person made his way into the shrine, the priest let out a breath of relief. The priest knew that he was going to die, but he can save the villagers. A young man approached the priest. He is one of two that carried weapons and armor. On his forearms is thin metal armor, the same as his shins. His kimono is made of ice-silkworm thread and has red metal shoulder guards on top of it. "What exactly is going on?" he said. "Sai, this child is divine. I will perish, but you and the villagers must protect this child and raise it to become the hero. I heard whispers as I prayed, he is our savior. I must sacrifice my life in order to kill the demons outside the door." Sai's face went pale. "I've slain demons before, what type of demons are these?"

"They are giant diamond snakes, impenetrable by your sword. Stay here and protect the people since Kyoku isn't here. I sense that they're waiting outside... waiting for me."

"Like always, I will listen to your words."

As the priest closed the door behind him, his eyes slowly worked its way up. Gazing right back at him was three of the largest creatures he had ever seen. "Give usss the child and you can live," hissed one of the snakes.

The priest was in a state of shock. Slowly he lifted the child up, perhaps as an offering to the snakes.

"Kuchiyose, Katon Ryuuka!"