The lost feeling by Siva Vg

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SUMMARY: Unrequited love, black hole and the travel.

The long tunnel had a small counter at the end. She was at the counter waiting her turn, there were fourteen other people that day. She flashed the one-for-all card at the counter. A synthetic female voice from the ticket gizmo's machine said, '94 is debited from your number'. She flashed the card gain. 'Transaction confirmed', the voice said. A door opened in to a metallic chamber that seemed like a vacuum room without any other openings except the door that just opened for her now. She went on to the chamber. The chamber prepped one for travel by setting markers for all the cells in their body. This helped the disassembly and assembly process for the teleportation. She knew the routine. A male robotic voice inside the chamber inquired through one of the speakers, "Can we use your last marker map? It is still valid."
"Yes please do", she answered. The marker process took two extra minutes, but she had scanned only eleven hours before and maps were valid for twelve. The marker process would have made her feel a million tiny goose-bump needles entering and leaving her body. She gave that a miss and rejoined the long tunnel that led the way to the capsules. A tall, stocky, dark skinned man walked up and joined her from one of the adjoining tunnels.
"Good to see you Ma'am. I will be your company for this trip.", he said.
"Sure thanks!", she said.
Travel tunnels were located on every sector, a sector was a region of ten kilometer radius. She had passed through a few escalators, elevators, moving sidewalks and before reaching the travel tunnel. Walking was indeed an alien concept, moving the limbs were done by exercise machines for which people had to pay some number.

Earlier at the University at which Vidya was a teaching assistant, the Professor had frowned long and hard at her mention of 'History' from behind his long all-in-one desk.
"Vidya you do know that History is a very distasteful subject. Our society sustains the present and acquires from the present", the Professor.
"But professor all knowledge is obtained from the past and we are here because we learnt from the past and we continue to update that knowledge for the future.", Vidya.
"Have you forgotten what we are? ", the Professor was irritant at the wasteful argument. He liked equal debates.
"We are Presentions condemned to the present!", she seemed to accept her fate.
"We are not condemned. We are the present. We have all the knowledge given to us at birth. We work for the present and maintenance of the present", the Professor.
"Then what is the true value of learning and imparting knowledge when all we have to learn is already learnt! Why do you exist? Or why do I?", she was pleading.
"I profess and sustain knowledge that becomes dissipated due to dead memory cells as we grow old. Our schools and university does not accept anybody below Sixty years of age. You do know that don't you?", he walked up from behind his desk to slowly lead Vidya out of his chambers. The argument was over as far as he was concerned and this was his polite way of throwing her out of his room.

She had not properly noticed her company as she was thinking about the Professor's rejection on presenting a paper-'History of Black holes'.

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