The lost feeling by Siva Vg

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She was feisty for her height, at five feet she was considered short by all standards, she made up with her perky, elegant attitude, she also possessed fair smooth flawless skin, a structure that was in-between slender and sturdy, a labeled 'cutie'. These travels required matching opposites, though she did this everyday she never once bothered to care who the matching opposite were and also the fact that the travel-time was very little. They went in to a small capsule built for two with seats facing each-other. They sat facing each other, she did look at him but nothing registered in her head. 'Please make physical contact', the synthetic female voice in the capsule. She had forgotten, said sorry and gave her hand and he held it. The capsule launched in to black hole.

"They were not Suitable matches. How did the system allow this?", Ragav was frustrated. He was a lean, reed thin man, with a headful hair and clean shaved face. Ragav had run the Match-em application and the results had showed a imaginary quantity, a complex number that could not be represented in space coordinates. A positive number was a good match, a negative definitely out, but this showed root negative.
"There must be a glitch. Accidents happen one in a million. But we have been accident-free for the last six million travels nearly... ", Joe was trying to explain this. Joe was pudgy and looked perennially bemused about everything. They had lost the last capsule containing the two travelers traveling to a planet on the last spiral located on the spiral nebula at Andromeda.
"I am not sure if a beacon capsule will help. If they were negative we could stabilize the system with a very high positive but here this shows imaginary how can I balance them. Can we can find a root positive, a real number match?", Ragav wanted the impeccable record back, he did not like things going wrong during his command.
"That again will be one in a million. But let me check.", Joe also did not like to loose people on his watch.
Ragav and Joe were Travelions. They belonged to the sect of people who specifically handled all travel from anywhere to everywhere. Throwing capsules in to black-holes had been the fastest travel mode. They needed matching opposites as travelers for the travel as somehow the matched souls produced a energy that countered the black holes ferocity to suck energy and light. It was like creating a unacceptable energy inside a black hole, the black hole threw the abomination outside like vomit back into space-time dimensions, this was like antibodies fighting germs. The unacceptable energy for the black hole was the inherent energy of humans, in the ancient Hindu mythology they were categorized as chakras. The human body became conductors of some so-called good energy inside the black hole, drawing them out of the black hole like a magnet attracting iron, due to being whole and complete with the matching opposites. The place that they would be thrown was calculated to the smallest quantum based on the energy levels that could be produced by the companions in travel, this was the positive number that 'Match-em' would normally give.
"Should we stop the launches for a while.", Joe asked Ragav.
"We have hundred thousand capsules working across the galaxy.

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