A feather, with love by Sid Arbaon

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SUMMARY: September FFC entry. With a husband at war, life at the Bell home is painful and slow. Janice's only ground are letters from her husband and a feather within each letter.

"Hello, love." Tristan greeted me at the door. I barely contained a squeal of joy as I threw my arms around his thin neck.
"Oh, you're back." I whispered, kissing his neck. I could feel Tristan's face pull into a grin as he picked me up, twirling me around. After a moment, Tristan finally let me down and just gazed lovingly into my eyes. I stretched up on my toes and tenderly kissed his cheek.
"I've missed you." I said.
"And I've missed you, my dear one." Tristan replied, closing the distance between our lips. It felt so right, being in his loving embrace and his lips upon mine; my heart swelled joyously under my breast. Our tongues caressed each other passionately until I broke away from Tristan's lips and began to trailing kisses up and down his neck.
"Tristan, let's go to our room." I murmured. Smiling, Tristan picked my up and carried me to our room.

When I woke, Tristan was not beside me. I shot up in bed, about to call out his name, when I noticed a slip of paper on my in table with writing. I automatically registered my Tristan's printing and slumped, relieved. With these horrid wars raging in what seemed like our very backyard, one could not be as carefree as they were before. My love was in war frequently; I was worried- like many others- while other soldiers arrive back home to their loved ones, I was left in the streets, no longer with a husband to swing me in the air and kiss me and tell me how much he loves me. Every second that he was gone, my heart ached and I prayed for his safe arrival back. I clutched the letter to my heart, inhaling the distinct smell that belonged to Tristan. I opened my letter and, to my surprise, a single, colorful feather floated out. I picked it up, examining the small thing; overall, it was an olive green, with splashes of light yellow, sky blue, and lavender. It was nothing like I had ever seen around these parts. I finally looked down at the letter, which lay before me, ready to be read. I picked it up once again and read it:

My dear Janice,
I am sorry to leave you without saying good bye. Duty calls once more and I left early in the morn. You looked so peaceful in your sleep; I hadn't the heart to wake you. I shall be expected to come back home in a few months, towards October.

As for the feather, it came from a bird that I discovered in Laedon. It really is beautiful, but it holds no candle to you. This feather shows beauty in every possible color, as do you.

Well, my Love, I must end my letter here. Until October!

All my love and more,

I sighed, embracing the letter tightly against my breast. Tristan was such a sweet soul, and I loved him immensely for that. Fetching a small jar, I delicately placed the feather in the jar.


I sat on the edge of my bed, wringing my hands nervously. How would I tell him? Would he be upset? What if he doesn't want me? The knocking on the door pulled me from my nervous thoughts. I rubbed the jar with Tristan's feathers inside (over the months, the jar began to fill with more stunning feathers, each with an explanation of importance) and walked to the door.

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