Greetings from Brooklyn 01 by Joe Moler

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Greetings from Brooklyn

Night in Bleeker Street is awesome, especially this night. I was looking for open store to buy coffee and I found that there is no store tonight in 28 blocks I counted in my journey. You want coffee ser, ask me a homeless woman looking through small window in her house made of big TV box. Yes, I wont coffee. I always drink coffee in this time of night and my body is not allowing to sleep, until I fill it with coffee.
You come in my house made of paper and we drink. She open door and I stare in. actually inside was beautiful atmosphere, so warm and healthy that I wont to stay forever, In small stove made of black steel from Petersburg mine, she was preparing coffee for two. And she was beautiful woman, so beautiful that I fall in love and start saying compliments and telling poetry lines that I one learn in my young days. She was listening and watching coffee not to boil out and she was more happy than I. Actually, that was her home and she had more right to be happy than I , so she did. We drank coffee and she told me story of her life. I was enjoying so much that I fell in sleep so deeply that was not possible. It was cold morning when I woke up and find myself in TV box with three hungry cats fighting for poor hungry mouse.
Down on the cold concrete sidewalk was magazine with beautiful women in the front page, same one that I was drinking coffee last night. Good morning from Brooklyn.