Greetings from Brooklyn 02 by Joe Moler

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Greetings from Brooklyn 2

I hate coming home in empty room full of dirty walls. I ask bar manager to let me stay and sleep in bar and in same time I can be a security guy working for free. He told me, Joe go home, you drunk. Who? me, no, I just do not like empty apartment in so depress street in Brooklyn. This guy, Jeff, bar manager was my friend in children's days and now he has 7 children and I have 3 room apartment and empty bead and full nose. 
I use to love Jessica Molson from Copenhagen but she get seek and finish in same psychiatric clinic in Minnesota. She steal look nice, has good but, but her mind is gone, left her forever and she does not know who I am. Jessica, Jessica, once for a very short time we were happy. Now is nobody happy. except drunk people from Joes bar in down town Brooklyn. This bar is always full with positive energy of happiness and with married woman thirsty for out of mirage adventure. Probably that poor woman did not spend any given happiness living in the bandages of bad marriage and now they are spending this energy in Joes bar with yang sailors from san francisko merchant fleet. I lost my apartment key. Superintendent is slipping, poor gay, work tri jobs and has ugly women and 5 daughters, ugly like hell. Once I met them in elevator and I fill so good. After elevator trip I stand in front of the street mirror and was very very happy about my look. I won't call superintendent to open for me, I fill sorry for him and I will slip behind the garbage cans. There is a lot of good energy there. Good