Greetings from Brooklyn 03 by Joe Moler

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Greetings from Brooklyn 03

Jessica Hobson left his husband Harry and disappear from the view of all known people. Harry was drinking for a wile and after 2 weeks of crisis he meet Katy Filipenko and again was in woman's company. Actually he is a man that can not be alone with himself. Even when he use his bicycle he is with somebody, second seat at the back usually occupy his wife but when she was sick once and spent 2 weeks in hospital, harry was riding bike with his cat July, yellow fat animal lazy and unpredictable. That was Harry, my friend and newborn, just one floor above. Katy is nice and obedient lady. She use to have 3 broken bad marriages filled with fight and unhappiness, darken husbands and there lovers. After 3 rd one, she become so tied and said to her self; never again. But Harry is easy task. Tied of his own problems and unsuccessful lave stories; he was looking for women to be a friend wit her. He gat scared of those lave stories full of passion, wet eyes and palpitations. So they live quietly and happy, until one day first husband of her dear Katy, released from jail came and took his wife. Harry was scared to death, because, who kills once can killed again, and again Harry was alone and this time really unhappy, despaired and sick. I was working in Texas for 2 months and when I come back in Brooklyn, superintendent told me that Harry is in hospital for psychical impaired people. Hi lost his mind, told me super and continue telling me details of Harry's last days in building on Bleeker 1887. 
Creasy man, say superintendent, he lost mind because of this ugly woman without anything attractive on her. She was so unattractive and so invisible that I have to meet her 10 times and only tenth time I realize that this is she.
Crazy superintendent, I newer understand his still of thinking.
Tonight is rain in Brooklyn, heavy rein and fog and emptiness full of famous east cost 200% humidity.
Good night