Greetings from Brooklyn 04 by Joe Moler

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Henri Hudson hotel in Manhattan is now may be nice, but many years ago were paradise, heaven for Linda and me. I was working in moving business and usually come home wary tired and I smell on this big storage haus full of smelly old office furniture. I took bath and she prepares everything the way I like. Full bath with worm water and shampoo that smell on some fruits from karabien islands. She first kisses me and stars massage on my backs. I really enjoy and was very happy to have somebody when I come in empty hotel room on 5 th floor. Linda bring small radio in bathroom an chaming music came under the water and start lifting me on to the ceiling. I was so tired that sometimes I fall in sleep but steal I felt her touch and kiss full of potion and love. What she loved I do not know. I was without money, no permanent job and always leith with rent payment. What she was seeing in loser like me, I do not know. Actually at this time I was looking good and I was good dancer and lover. She was young and I was not so old and may be that was near for happiness. Sam people are never happy, and this is in my opinion punishment from heaven. I did not have too much, just work, smal room in Henry Hudson hotel and bountiful Linda full of lave and energy, and look like that was einaff to be happy. If I have more than that, I be may be worry, but, thank God I had full hart of love and I was filling like owner of the city of Manhattan.
Sometimes I went on top of the hotel terse and looking beautiful panorama of New York, and with Linda next to me, I get scared, what if I loose all my preashes poses, job, apartment and Linda, what?
This winter I bit men at work site, bit him so badly that poor gay finish in hospital and I finish in prison.
After 6 months, out of jail, I was in the street. Actually I share one ruin house in Benson Hurst Brooklyn with homeless man I spend winter in jail, and I was looking for job. In every beautiful women I see my lovely Linda and I hate my destiny that put me in such despaired situation.
I newer met Linda again and every time I pas Henry Hudson Hotel, I stop and cry, lake a child.