THE FLESH by Patricia Todd

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SUMMARY: Is this Earth ours or are we but mere vehicles for the colonisation of this planet, and our lifelong journey is just a brief step on the return road to our genesis ?


What if we are receptacles for a morphing society to occupy. And wait ...and wait...endless years... until full maturity is reached, when bonds are established and occupations are chosen reflecting the inert DNA blueprints, that are only awakened when a sense of self awareness, having laid dormant, is suddenly triggered into life by pheromones that intensify as groups cluster and mesh.
So in girls and women, their periods become timed to a specific rhythm in the Moon's cycles around the Earth. Obeying a group dynamic, the biology permeates all societies and in so-called primitive races, this timed physical reaction enhances the group and states benefits that are subtly recognised: Birth, bonding, feeding, caring. A kibbutz for fostering cultural norms and basic feeding and essential imparting of knowledge for the whole's survival in selected environments. How much is genetically imprinted in the brain, stored like programs , dormant until the seminal random situation is encountered; adrenalin or empathy or sudden feeling sparking an all encompassing awareness of the self ? Perhaps not thinking through the action of the moment, but instinct long slept arouses in the individual and passes osmotically through the group collectiveness, so that the individual is merged into the whole, the cluster acts as one, with one voice or one unspoken passion, to achieve the specific goal.
Are we but butterflies' lava ? Have we as mental beings been implanted into a complex casing, learning the necessary skills and mores for a particular society to inhabit, some ably, who prosper and some, with barely enough motor skills, to function at an unconscious level only, some form of life-long slumber, present only in the physical. Did the transfer of a mental imprint go wrong in these cases? Some with special gifts bestowed on them, only a few geniuses flourishing in the passage of time as centuries roll past, an ever increasing pace of activity.
And when we are adults with a knowledge of our place in society, don't we grow on a daily basis, with each new situation encountered and responded to with adroitness or lamentable gauchness or varying shades in between, as is the majority of reactions. Do we colour our souls with actions and arouse a soaring spirituality ? Are we only then reaching into the next stage of our metamorphosis and reaching for some star that may have germinated our very existence, such a long time ago ? Is this a testing ground where we are stretched to the limits of our capacities in every sense and on this basis our next stage is self-defined ?
Don't we drink in and lust after new challenges and experiences and learn to coat ourselves with a membrane so that we remain intact by making astute choices about our varying environments and the local inhabitants in that given scenario ?
Our life's journey is signposted with signals and relationships who guide, who confront, who mould us into a different character as the years gain on us.

And then what ? Do we let go of the flesh and carry with us the newly recorded lifelong's imprint with us on our long journey home.

Then whose Earth ?

Friday 11th March 2005