Greetings from Brooklyn 05 by Joe Moler

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with Toni carlato I was working in animal salter for 7 months and still I cant understand how some people can be so sensitive. Yesterday cat Caroline died and Toni cried all day. One pigeon, Toni cal him Jack, is seek for 2 weeks and I am looking haw Toni is trying wary hard to save him. If jack not survive, old story, Toni will cry, go to central park in hidden nice place and beary his friend pigeon jack. And this is going to happen because this flying animal is getting worse and worse and I can see from his pigeon eyes that he is just postponing his death because of Toni Carlatos friendship. Pigeon is suffering due to you passionate lave for him, I told him and Toni get angry with me.
This big cat that died, he buried it also in central park and police catch him so Toni has to pay ticket of 500 dollars.
In this animal shelter everybody like Toni but hi is not happy because always some animal died and Toni get sad for days to come.
I am thinking to quit working in Brooklyn animal shalter because I can't stand looking this sad movie about Toni and sick animals. I suggested Toni to live job because he is to sensitive for work like that, and he is not talking anymore with me.
For two weeks I am living and taking place to work like janitor in public school 83 near the park. Toni I never forget. Any time I see pigeon in the park or cat in the street, I will see Toni and his creazi dedicated love for shalter animals. I did not tell him, bat I quit for sure....