Greetings from Brooklyn 06 by Joe Moler

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Greetings from Brooklyn 6
This night on Bergen street was full of stars. Sometimes the stars came so close to the dirty roofs of brick faced buildings and everything looks beautiful. Marina Jabuchkova, said that the heaven is sometimes coming to the earth because the perfection of beauty became so boring and coming in Brooklyn is the only way to refresh himself and get rid of boring beauty of invisible heaven. Marina is another crazy women I met in this city full of beauty and ugliness. She likes me. Sometimes I play games with her telling her different things and she is always in agreement trying to make me happy. Once I bought an expensive gift and went to Marina to have fun and spend nice beautiful white snowy winter night with her. In front of Marina's apartment I heard her talking with her old boyfriend and romantic music was filling the apartment and hallways and it was going up to the front doors. I went out and through the window I saw them running naked and playing same games full of childish naivety. I threw the expensive gift into the East River and entered Joe's bar. Two prostitutes were looking at me and I decided to buy a drink to the blond one with nice healthy breasts. She was , by the way, much more beautiful than this unpredictable lady Marina from Odesa. Good night.