AC00147AZ by Siva Vg

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SUMMARY: Simon and documentary of an alien.

It withdrew its protruding legs into the bubble thin translucent carapace. The remaining exposed parts of its anatomy was its head and the arms. Its face resembled an almost human monkey, with gnarling sharp teeth that could munch through metal, almost. The hair on its head was thinning and was the color of its body, a dark brown. It looked through gray pupils in glowing white eyes. It had a beak like long snout and two holes covered by a thin filament of a material similar to that of its carapace instead of a mouth and nose. All of its orifices were covered by such thin filaments. When it opened up the filaments became like feathers opening into three pairs of beautiful full bloom wings, one on its back with the carapace supporting it, and other two on the heel of its legs and its neck. The wings were translucent too.
"Don't be fooled by its almost angelic appearance. This is one of the fiercest and dangerous creatures categorized in our 'Creature Universe' series encyclopedia. This creature is categorized as AC00147AZ, where AC stands for Alien Creature. I have found this rare creature on the desert planet named as G-099992. Look at its beautiful carapace translucent like a multifaceted diamond, very little is known of this creature and this will be the first full-documentary, first hand interaction with this creature.", Simon was hiding on an outcrop ledge spying in to the cavern on the opposite face of the mountain wall.
Hanuman was almost eight foot tall and fearsome when it stood erect on its legs while Simon stood at five and half feet. Simon did not like the encyclopedic nomenclature for the creature and had named it Hanuman after his favorite God from his home-planet. He himself was categorized as AC000001 and also EC000001, where EC stands for Earth Creature. The categorization for the humans was just to satisfy the other intelligent beings that did not like being categorized as such in any system.
"Those who are logged in to me feel the sweat in my palms and my hot constant breath thats how tense I am. This creature can land on this place I am hiding in less than a second and has the strength to tear me to bits in the next two seconds. If this creature notices me I have like three seconds to bid adieu to you all.", Simon was indeed tense for what he told was a lie because he had never seen this creature kill but it was not categorized as an herbivore. Even though the universe could plug into his system through remote ansible interfaces to feel first hand everything he felt they could still not tell the difference between truth and lie. These ansible interfaces although stitched in to the broadcasters brain could not help differentiate between the truth or falseness of a human statement.
"I am the lone AC000001 here on this planet as far as I know. And of course I have all you virtual watchers logged in to me to give me moral support.", Simon indeed felt very alone as Hanuman was no company.
"Look at it withdraw its hands and legs inside its shell. Notice the strong claws on its hands those can tear flesh in one strike.

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