Light and Dark by Imi Redfearn

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SUMMARY: Flash Fiction: Light and Dark!! haha how original! hehe

In time and space it began. A war between two Powers, revenge against each other. They twisted and turned, they grew large and grew small, but, in the mist of all this fiery rock began to form, and plates began to move. Still the two Powers raged on in a war, oblivious to all else that moved. Great big rocks surged into the nothingness that was space. Green shoots began to appear, some with brightly coloured tops. The green shoots gradually increased in size and shape. Thus the growing of tree's began. All the while the Powers fought, not realising the world they were making.

Great swarms of bluish, greenish liquids began to pour over the gigantic rocks. Large pools were formed with mossy banks and sandy beaches. Area's of tree's and mountainous rock were separated and some brought together. It was during this procedure that the two Powers began to notice!

First there was silence, then came a loud roaring noise as the two Powers rushed towards their, rather abnormal, creation. One of the Powers made a great mountain range and destroyed all of the wonderful evergreen tree's. The massive swathes of liquid water was turned from bluish, greenish to a revolting red and black. The water flowed around some of the charred stumps of what used to be the evergreen tree's. The sky on that part of the world was turned black, with huge bolts of lightening charging down out of the blackness. Creature's with grey wings and very pointy beaks emerged and they sat on the charred evergreen tree's, they also occasionally 'cawed' for added evil. The Power then took the form of a great full silver moon.

The other Power, however, had a much different view of things. It kept the evergreen tree's and the greenish, bluish water, it even kept the great big rocks or mountains as they came to be called. The sky was blue with white wispy clouds, but, this was not without the occasional grey. The water that flowed on the ground also began to fall from the sky. Different creatures swarmed across the land, some small and some large, some had claws and some had hooves. A food chain was formed as the grass and the plants were eaten by the prey creatures, and the pray creatures were eaten by the predators. When the predators died, the grass and plants would grow over the corpse, thus forming a cycle. While all these creatures were great, a greater species was born. The race of human beings. Although primitive at first, their mind began to develop and grow stronger.. The power choose a few of these humans to hold a knowledge. A knowledge that could either help or hinder the great Power. Some of the humans wondered onto the other Powers side, thus the beings of evil were born.

Great armies were formed by both powers. The other Power took the form of a fiery ball of fire, this Power however, rested at certain a certain time each day. When this happened all would go black, and the creature's of the night would come out to prey. Years past and the minds of the humans grew as they managed to counter the endless attack of the evil minions. The few that had the knowledge tried to help, but, neither side could gain advantage.

The evil Power created only two with the knowledge. One to rule and one to assist. There names were Lorkoth and Ballen. Together they managed to gain only one in the land of the Good. The land of Morozan.

Still the good power did nothing significant and managed to evade the attacks of the evil, but, the humans were beginning to wonder how long they would last. The ones of the knowledge were also confused, they had no real leader. They knew that a prophecy of the good Power was that one day a leader would come along with a great white horse and with all the power to lead. That person would lead them against the armies of evil, and, defeat Lorkoth and his psychic Ballen.

The Powers got annoyed with their primitive names of good and evil, and decided to change. They became known as the Power of Dark and the Power of Light.