Loveless Vampire (chapter 1) by ringo nikki

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SUMMARY: Please critisize all you want.And please if you get bored half way then say so and then i can see where id gone wrong. Thank you. Well, the storys about a girl who encounters a vampire and what happens after...

Chapter 1
I lay there as the razor sharp teeth slid hungrily down my throat.No point screaming now.No one would hear me, nevermind help me.I welcomed death now.Let it wash over my body like a pocessed spirit.I waited but no sharp pain came.I started to feel dizzy.I was so tired and just wanted it to be done so i can go to whatever awaited me in the next world.What was holding this beautiful creature from taking my life?I started getting impatient.I felt the vampire press his lips softly to the tip of my throat as if placing a little kiss there.I closed my eyes and the let the darkness take me.
I opened my eyes to the bright light.Was i dead?No, it cant be.I was stillin the same place i had fallen, only the once dark forest was now flooded with sunlight.There wasnt anything scary about them now.They looked harmless and beautiful now.Not the dark swirly creatures that had stalked my shadows.Not the dark trees that were caving around me, blocking the air off to my lungs.
What had happened the night before?Why am i still here?Shouldnt i be burning in the the fiery pits of hades?How stupid was i to think that that horrible creature would take my life.I was left in this misrable world when everybody i cared for abandoned me.I felt the anger boil inside me ready to erupt.All that hate and pain filled every inch of my body making me scream.I shouted and cursed and bannged the tree beside me until my throat was raw and my fists were manngled.Strangely i felt much better.I sat up and rested my head against the tree.I let all the painful and happy memories fill me now.It was bitter sweet remembering all the good times before everything became so messed up.
My father was a good man.Even after my mother had died he had looked after me and raised me properly, teaching me right from wrong.He worked as a buisnessman and had travelled many places.He would often leave me in the care of our naighbour while he made his buisness trips.However,after my thirteenth birthday the trips became longer and more regular.I had dismissed it as a demanding job and didnt think much of it.Until, that is, my dad came home with a ring on his finger.After that he rarely came home and one day he announced that Sussanna (his fiance) was going to move in with us.After Sussanna moved in everything went from bad to worse.
She was young,25 years old, half my fathers age and wore really fashionable clothes.I really liked her at first until she started fixing me with cold stares that could freeze fire.I didnt understand why she hated me so much.I was an outcast in the place i called home.This continued for up to my 15th birthday.Day in day out.The same routine, the same hate i received, the same fake kindness.I went along with it and barely took notice of my surroundings.Three weeks ago i found out that Sussanna was pregnant.My father was thrilled and no longer bothered to pay me any attention.'Oh Jack! the baby just kicked!' my stepmother would croon while my father rubbed and patted the big bulge.I ignored all this and only hoped for the best to the young child.Yesterday, my fifthteenth birthday, Dad took us all out to a resturant and we had a big feast.Father looked really uncomfortable and hardly ate anything throughout the whole feast, little did i know what was wrong until we were all safely in the car with no escape routes.
"Did you have fun Leelee?"My father asked looking straight ahead.
"Yeah loads! Thanks Dad."I said honestly.The night was great and everyone treated me rally nicely.Even Sussanna.
"Oh, thats good then."Even from where i was sitting i could see the sweat beads builing up on his forehead.
"Dad, whats wrong?"i asked suspiciously."Why are you keeping stuff from me?Just spill it out."
"Well, honey..."he wiped his forehead with the back of his hand,"Me and your mother were thinking now that your old enough we were thinking youd be more comfortable if...well...if you got your own know with the baby coming...and stuff..."I stopped listening at that point.Thats all i needed to know that my only family wanted to abandon me.I was a nuiscence to them.A stain on the carpet they've forgetten to clean.I was no longer needed.After my dad had stopped the car he looked back at my horror struck face and frowned.Without saying a word i had left the car and ran.I ran and ran not knowing where i was going.I just wanted to run away from everything.I wanted to run away from myself.Soon i reached the forest and just lay there waiting for someone to find me.
I sobbed loudly now that all the emotions i had kept bottled up for so long go.I cried for my mom,I cried for my father and most of all i cried for myself.
My tears have dried up and my eyes are swollen, but i found that i could see more clearly.I could think more clearly and i realised that i had to get out of this forest.I had to do whatever i can to live.I would not waste the life my mother lost to give to me.Definetly not.At that moment i knew where i had to go and i knew the only person who could help me.
I got up and dusted myself down.I did whatever i can to put my hair back into place and to remove all the mud from my skin.In the end i only managed to look less like i had just got out of a plane crash.More in the scence of someone who had been hibernating for a while.
I walked aimlessly looking for the mansion i had feared in my childhood.It should be hidden in this dark forest.
Finnally i found what i was looking for.
The big brown house stood 3 storeys tall in the deepest, darkest part of the forest.There was no path to lead to it.Ive never seen the house in real life but now that i saw it with my own two eyes it was dazzling.In a creepy twisted way.It was covered in long vines and the the windows were all barred, curtains drawn.It looked like it came straight out of a horrer movie.
I was about to turn on my heels and go back the way i came until i remembered that i no longer had anywhere to 'go'.I looked at the vast house before me and took a deep breath to calm myself.
No point turning back now.
I took small cautious steps toward the house taking large breaths with each step.After what seemed a whole day but was in fact 5 minutes i stepped onto the front of the big wooden door.It was heavy wooded door with giant gargoil knockers.It smelt like a cemetry.Revolting.
I reached up my trembeling hand and lifted the large gargoil ring and prepared to take the biggest step of my life..