fourth world by Bill Elliott

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SUMMARY: FOURTH WORLD W. Tussinger Between myth and legend, in that brief instant between imagination and reality, there’s a remembrance in mankind of what once was—the origins of myth and fairy tale. Every culture has some leftover consci

Greetings fellow reader,

I invite you to experience the world as seen from the eyes of a traditional Navajo boy on the largest Native American Reservation in the United States. Although I am a member of the Wyandotte Nation of Oklahoma, I was raised from the age of eight years old in Window Rock, Arizona and consequently married into the Navajo Nation to a beautiful woman from the Pinon, Arizona area. We have three children and continue to live near her family as is the way of the matrilineal people of the Navajo Nation.

As my soul took me through the pathway of life, I went to school and received my Bachelor's of Science and became a Registered Nurse; however, my heart belonged to the written word. The Fourth World is my first fiction novel and I believe you and other readers will greatly enjoy the special insights that I share about the Navajo people.