Unprovoked Attack by David Scholes

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Keldron was an advanced world, making what was about to happen to it all the more unbelievable.

First a "net" enveloped the star system preventing either on or off world teleportation. Then faster than light travel within one light year of the Keldron system became impossible. Then even sub light space travel anywhere in the system was no longer a possibility

No one who had been en route to Keldron would now reach their destination. Well, almost no one. Nor would anyone currently on Keldron be able to leave it by any known means.

Next, almost all types of energy sources on Keldron either ceased to be available or dropped to a level where they would not support activity. For all practical purposes the planet ground to a halt. At the same time almost all planetary communications failed.

Whoever or whatever was responsible for these events seemed in no hurry to show themselves.

Myzhel Borle and her young daughter were caught out, an inconvenient distance from their isolated country estate on the ice isthmus of Plandestra. Their modest magnetic flyer failed as planetary electro-magnetic energies fell below a level that would support its flight. Nor could Myzhel find any means to communicate her situation, even her telepathic capabilities failed.

Even with the boost from the small exo-skeletons forming part of their body suits it would be a long walk for Myzhel and her daughter. Just as she was considering her options Myzhel noticed the tall man walking towards them. It was more than unusual for anyone to be out walking in this remote and icy terrain.

As the man approached closer, Myzhel, sensed more than saw, the merest flicker around him. She knew he had turned off his body force field. In contrast Myzhel and her daughter had turned theirs on.

The sleek body suit he wore seemed similar to Keldron military issue but, almost intuitively, she knew it to be of a different, more advanced nature.

The man, if man he was, was untroubled in fixing the flyer. Somehow adjusting the internals so the flyer could operate on lower electro-magnetic energy levels.

The man made no attempt to hide his off world origins explaining that he had been displaced both interdimensionally, in time and between realities. Strangely he seemed untroubled by this rather drastic displacement, explaining that it would correct itself and could do so at any moment.

"A different reality, a different dimension, and a different time" mused Myzhel "for someone so far removed he looks remarkably similar to us." Though she did not doubt the man's words.

"You are aware of this planetary system's current difficulties?" enquired the man, a rather severe understatement in the circumstances. Myzhel had only been partially aware of the full scale of the problem.

"Who would do such a thing to us? who would be capable of it?" she enquired.

The man did not answer her. Yet he had seen such actions before. In other realities, other dimensions, other times. If he did not exactly know the identity of the perpetrators here in this place the modus operandi was familiar enough.

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