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SUMMARY: About a boy growing up and his unusual friends.


It didn't take long for Kak to realize that Joey's house was in fact his new home. More specifically Joey's room. Surprisingly, he grew rather comfortable there. Life was easy going enough. The four other occupants of the room, as well as the ins and outs of daily life, grew on him. Joey came and went as he pleased. Some days would be spent with the group while others were occupied with the things a young boy would do; he rode his bike, went to baseball games with his father, the store with his mother, shopping with the grandparents, and so on. Aside from a slight lack of friends from school, Joey was very healthy indeed. Though he never confronted the boy about it, Kak assumed that he and his other three roommates were all the companionship Joey needed.

Though most of his questions were never answered, he learned to accept life for what it was and live in the day, by the day. He would tuck those undying questions away in some corner of his mind; one day pull them out and have another go at them. For now he was content.

He had plenty of things to occupy his time; there was hardly a dull moment in his life. Sometimes he would flop about the room or outside in the backyard with Jelly. He would sit her atop his shoulders and spin her around while she chanted I'm super-tall. Super-tall!' Other times he would help Joey and Frankie build forts in the back yard out of discarded boxes, sticks and old blankets that Joey's mother would have otherwise thrown out. Kak attempted many times to help Frankie with his card houses but it fared that neither of them were very good at two story buildings. Old Bill was a quaint gentleman and Kak didn't talk with him too often. It wasn't that they didn't like each other, not at all. Old Bill was quiet and content with his noiseless ways. Mainly he would sit and watch as things happened around him from the comfort of the rocking chair, smile at the appropriate times, and speak when spoken to; all the while rocking back and forth in perfect rhythm, never missing a beat. It never bothered any of the others so Kak didn't let it bother him either.

But Kak's main connection and concern was to Joey. They spent a lot of time talking. Although everything was centered around Joey and what he wanted to do and when he wanted to do it and what he wanted to talk about, Kak didn't let it bother him too much. Joey was a developing and growing mind and body, it deserved attention. Nights after his mother would put him to bed, after she left the room and closed the door behind her, Joey would sit up and they would talk for hours. Sometimes about nothing at all, just conversation, which Kak found curious for a boy so young. But Joey was a smart kid, no doubt about that, unfortunately sometimes Kak felt he was the only one who knew it. At times, they would sit around and discuss different aspects of Joey's life; things that occurred at his school, things that bothered him about his parents or how they were treating him, things Joey wanted to do. The topics where endless and Kak loved every minute of it.

He remembered one time, out in the back yard; Kak watched as Joey and Frankie had built a makeshift jungle gym out of old fold-up tables and chairs that were brought up from the basement of the house.

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