Image Chapter 3 by Wil Moore

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SUMMARY: About a boy growing up and his unusual friends.

Despite his love for Joey, Old Bill, Frankie, Jelly, and his new home, Kak still had much that puzzled him. There were certain things about him, and about the others, not including Joey, that he couldn't let go. Things that didn't fit right in his mind. Things like food. It was often that Joey would go downstairs to eat dinner with his parents; of course Kak and the gang were never invited, and come up later that evening with a plate of food for his beloved live-in family to share amongst themselves. Kak ate it thankfully, and so did the others, but this wasn't something that always happened. In fact, there would be times when it didn't for days; the longest span Kak remembered was eight days. He had gone eight days without eating. And he remembered that no matter how hard he tried to care, it didn't really matter to him. He felt fine; his stomach never rebelled against him in angry fits of emptiness, it never turned over and over grumbling up at him in hysteria. Now this, this was odd.

There were other things too, things that just didn't make sense in Kak's memory-starved head. Simple things like using the restroom, taking a shower, brushing his teeth, feeling thirsty, or falling ill, even sleeping. Now he did these things, at least on occasion, but what he couldn't explain was the absence of necessity. He never felt he needed to do these things, never once had he been sick, he would go weeks without brushing his teeth or showering, but he didn't develop any cavities, and he never stunk. And sleep. Sleep was altogether weird. Some nights he would just sit up and watch Joey sleep. He'd sit all night, staring, and Joey would wake up to Kak's smiling face glowing in the morning light. Other times he would just wake up dazed, not remembering what had happened last or when he had fallen asleep. The sensation was similar to the way he felt when he first met Joey out on the lawn. It was the feeling of confusion; not knowing where he was, who he was, or where he came from. The gross feeling of unimportance and complete emptiness would overwhelm him, but then it would pass after a few moments, and he would gather himself and re-establish his bearings, and after that everything would be fine, at least until the next time it happened.

Kak didn't like it one bit, and time after time he attempted to work out what was wrong with him or what was happening to him; each time he did, though, he felt inadequate. His mind would slow down, as if someone pulled the parking brake on the car he was driving, the turning thoughts would slow and screech creating the imaginary odor of burning rubber. He felt that he had the mind of a child, unable to comprehend the intricacies of what was happening. There was little he could do about it, though. He found himself spending more time trying to forget about it rather than figure it out. He wanted to concentrate on Joey and his life that, for the most part, fulfilled him.