A Failed Task by John Savage

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SUMMARY: in a fascist ruled, futuristic japan, a modern ninja is tasked with killing the regime's weapons dealer...

A Failed Task

Hotaka ran across the rooftops of modern Tokyo. His mind was racing; he went over the mission again and again. Shiro Masaki was the target. He was the fascist's weapons dealer. He led all transactions involving the regimes firepower. Once he was out of the way, the Fascist regime would be weakened, and they would be that much closer to freedom. This was not the first attempt at Masaki's life however. Masaki had escaped Hotaka once, and he would not allow it again.
Hotaka was now within two blocks of masaki's headquarters. He stopped briefly and hid in the shadows of a heating vent on the rooftop. His hate was leading him to rage, he recalled how his failed attempt had made him the laughing stock of the whole Organization. NO! it would not happen again, he would kill Masaki this time, no matter what it would cost him.
Hotaka walked to the edge of the building, the cool night breeze ruffled his blood red Gi. On the street below, cars were zooming by. It was a long way down. He took a deep breath, took a running start, and leaped to the next building. He continued in this way until he came to the roof of a building adjacent to Masaki's.
Masaki's headquarters was quite a bit taller than the building that Hotaka was standing on. In fact, Masaki's skyscraper was taller than most other buildings in Tokyo. Hotaka knew it would be pointless to try and climb to the roof of the building, so he took a running leap across the twenty or so feet between buildings, and crashed through a ninth story window. He rolled across the floor, stood up and quickly cloaked himself in shadow against the wall opposite the window.
Hotaka was in a dark corridor, the only light was coming from a room near the end of the hallway, from which two armed security officer came running out of to investigate the window shattering. Of course, Hotaka was hidden so well that he could have just walked the other way, and the guards would have never known. And he did consider this, but then again, he had been feeling quite angry...
Hotaka had tried not to make too much of a mess out of the guards, and after they were killed, he felt an inner calm, his anger having been taken out on them. He knew exactly where Masaki's office was, and wasted no time in getting there. On the way, he met a total of six more security guards, all of whom he dispatched with ridiculous ease.
Very soon he was outside the door of Masaki's office. He had his plan of attack all figured out. On the ceiling there was a ventilation shaft, large enough for his slender body to fit through, that led into the air duct system of the building. From there, he could travel unnoticed for the ten feet of ductwork to Masaki's office.
Hotaka walked to the shaft, took out his knife, and unscrewed to vent. He then silently lifted his body into the shaft, and replaced the vent from the inside. He silently crawled through the ductwork until he came to the vent that led to Masaki's office. He looked through it and saw Masaki, his obese figure sitting at a desk clad in high quality "designer" clothing.

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