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SUMMARY: we move forward quickly

Further to the feature we ran last week on TEC flight, the groundbreaking military piloting system unveiled by the Pentagon, we can now confirm the specualation as being true, that testing has begun in earnest on the commercialisation of this technology for domestic and foreign air travel. Our feature last week focused on the unveiling of this project and named Doctor Andrew Hemmings as project head for what was dubbed by many to be the technological determinant of our generation . Hemmings, eminent psychologist and author of the series of academic texts entitled ‘mind over matter' has been working with the Pentagon for the last fifteen years, refining the principles and technology which has linked human thought directly to technological manipulation. Although not a new concept, with speculative projects in existence since before the turn of the century, thought controlled technology has become a working reality which IT and business analysts say will shape all of our lives in the coming years.
TEC flight, or Thought Encrypted Control flight has been the project of Doctor Hemmings and a team of leading military scientists for the past fifteen years. Their objective has been to unlock the potential of Electroencepholographic or EEG recognition and filtration through the use of supercomputers designed to map and interpret complex electro-chemical signals as they emanate from the human brain. Early testings primarily focused on the control of high-end fighter jet manouverability where EEG mapping was used to close the gap between pilot thought and aircraft manouver. However the military have revealed over the past few days, an array of other applications which are already becoming known as the new standard for weapon and defence system design.
Joining us today to discuss TEC flight and wider EEG recognition technologies is Doctor Hemmings, project head for many of the EEG design programs commissioned by the military, and widely recognised father of advanced thought control in mechanical and technological application. Doctor Andrew Hemmings, thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to be with us today.
It's a pleasure Cynthia, thank you for inviting me.
Now, before we go into the technologies and their applications, may I just confirm for our viewers that the Pentagon have given full approval for the release of what essentially has been a technology shrouded in secrecy for the past fifteen years, as indicated in the press statement two days ago. And, further, that they will support commercial applications and open the techniques you have been developing to the wider scientific community.
Yes Cynthia, but can I just state at this point that when the research began, some seventeen years ago, the Pentagon was aware that certain aspects of this project, would in the future have bearing on non military technologies and it has been a central theme of our teams work since I joined as project head, to consider how to approach the release of this science to the non-military community.
So why now Doctor Hemmings?
As you know, my team has been working on many aspects and variations of this technology for a directly military environment for many years, and of course detail of much of this is still of a highly restricted nature due to national security requirements.

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