Greetings from Brooklyn 07 by Joe Moler

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She did not like me at all. She actually hates me and escape from my life one Sunday morning. What to do. I went to the park in Green street, smoke cigarettes, actually I smoked a pack of cigarettes and drink cold coffee. I actually finish 3 cold coffees and croissant. Another croissant I gave to the pair of pigeon that kiss each other next to my bench. The fimel left his partner and start eating nice french croissant that I broke in small pieces and throw to them.
I left park around noon and went to morning cinema. It was place with old movies in black and white. Boring love story naive and stupid but good for relacsation after such bed morning.
I fell a sleep and around 6 PM somebody hit me in the shoulder.
We a closing move theater due to restoration. Please go across the street there is a church open all night and you can sleep there.
Church was really nice place for sleeping. I make praying position and start dreaming same fairytales story that I was listening at bad time ridden by my mum.
After may be 3 hrs I wake up due to bad position my body was and lay in the bench. Again the nice dreams come and I was walking through the forest of bountiful stories. But
Around midnight priest wake me up and say that they close church due to restoration.
Go across the street, there is a library that is open all night.
In the library I seat next to the leady with bountiful red scarf.
I sow only her back and it was obvious that she had beautiful body.
Only she and me in the library.
Who are you, I ask her.
I am your wife.
What are you doing hire?
Waiting for you.
Ok, I am hire, lets go home.
We do not have home any more.
How come?
Is closed due to renovation.
So what we are going to do.
I do not know, I always broke the head of my dolls.
I woke up and look my self in the library mirror. Everything was Ok except my head; it was made of plastic and totally broken...
Need "renovation" I was thinking living library.,,,,,,,