War is all we know by Michael Neale

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"After analyzing the meteorite and putting its contents through the intergalactic database for all space matter, I found out the type of rock it is made of is only found on the planet of Verda," said Ctwat.
"Excellent! We shall travel there, How far away is it?" asked DL.
"Only two light years but that's still a problem."
"We only have so much brew in the reserve tanks" said Ctwat.
"How much exactly?" asked DL.
Ctwat pulled up some info on the computer. "About 44 million gallons which would only last our city one year before our fellow Brewskys will have to resort to drinking water," said Ctwat. Once he said that everyone in the building stopped what they were doing and gasped.
"That would be terrible. We cannot let our people go through such pain. Get me a drink at once!" he yelled to the nearest work boy. He was beginning to feel a way he hadn't ever before, worried and stressed out. Everyone else was also feeling this strange sensation and they began drinking at once. The boy filled up a glass of the factory's most potent formula and handed it to DL. He poured it down his throat and instantly felt better, his senses were back and he could think clearly now.
"There is but one solution to this. We must travel at thrash metal speed. It is twice as fast as the speed of light and will take us only five months to reach Verda and five months to come back, giving us two months to spare."
"Absolutely genius DL!" cried Ctwat and everyone cheered.
"Prepare the ship!" He ordered. "I will assemble the crew and we will leave promptly tomorrow after a nice leisurely breakfast."
It didn't take long for DL to think of the people he would bring on the journey. He would take Ctwat of course for his knowledge and his good friend Oderus as a bodyguard. Oderus was a big guy who worked on the farms and operated the large shlop collecting equipment. He would come in handy if the crew were to encounter any danger DL thought to himself. DL would also call up his good friend Udem because he was a fast talker and could convince people to do almost anything. Being a good negotiator, he would come in handy when doing business. DL would also bring a long the best pilot in Sandwich to operate the starship, Bruce Dickenson. Bruce crashed his space cruiser on Urineus a few years back and stayed. He said he came from a weird place called Earth and that he escaped just in time before the people there exterminated themselves through nuclear war. The first thing DL did when he got home was call all those guys up at the same time. Once they were all on the line he briefed them on the situation and told them what was about to go down. "I have personally chosen each of you to go on a quest with me to save our fellow Brewskys from eternal thirst. We will leave tomorrow so prepare for epic adventure."
"Well alright sounds ice," they all said and hung up.
The next day the crew gathered at the star ship's launch pad and had breakfast. The whole town was there to see them off and wish them luck. After eating they loaded the ship with the necessary supplies and took their positions.

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