The End by Kathryn Swanne

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In the dark, the birdsong ceases and the shadows change. This awakens them both from their dreams and they turn, almost as one, to look upon one another. Startled, they sit facing each other, neither dare speak a word nor move a muscle for fear the moment will be swept away, but then, seeing her tears have not stopped, he speaks. "Cry not" he says "You have found that for which you seek and your pain shall be no more."
Her tears continue, faster now they cascade down her pale translucent cheek, falling from her chin in a glistening waterfall of heartbreak, which will not stop at his words. His sweet, gentle words are not enough to stop the rising tide of unquenchable grief. He could not possibly be here, speaking such words to her. Not when it was her fault, her horrifying paralysis which had destroyed him. She was god's chosen vessel, she was created with a wondrous fate, she was Adam's companion; and she has failed utterly her rebellion. His words will not undue that, they will not banish her pain or bring back those she has destroyed; they will not stop the eternity that awaits her.
His violet eyes stare desperately into hers, like a drowning man searching for a lifeline. She trembles under the intensity of his stare; she so desperately wants to believe he is really here with her, that it was all a dream, that there is still some hope left for them. He moved his pale, cool hand up to her face and gently wiped one of her tears away.
"My love, it has not even begun and already you cry like all has been lost?" he asks.
"I cry for all the pain that was and more for the pain that yet shall be. She is so alone, my heart breaks." She replies in a voice thick from disuse and grief.
"Ah my love, she will not be as alone as you fear. Remember, love cannot be destroyed, only changed."
"I hope desperately that they will not be as blind as we."