Transcend by Federico Patané

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The blade sinking slowly in the flesh and the blood emanating slowly from the wound. Soon the blade will reach the heart and the blood shall begin pouring out. The little noise of the blade cutting through the skin and then shuttering bone on it's way to the heart is deafening. I usually cry for the sadness of death and at the same time I am happy for he will be summoned by god in only a moment. I feel their pain. But that is not the end. As their heart stops beating they die and a ray of white light descends on them. Illuminating them and me. But i am not worthy of such heavenly light. It burns me as it touches me and forces me to back away. It comes for the soul and when it takes the path to heaven the light fades and goes away."

"Oh. I see. But I think your methods are not that unusual. I don't see how doing this will help you transcend."

"Of all people, Doctor, I thought you would understand better. I will transcend the human experience. I will transcend by being the first man to look into the eyes of God and continue to live. For he comes for each and everyone of his children and it is only a matter of time before I am able to look up when he does."

"Tell me then, how do you know he will come for me? Isn't there a chance that I go to hell?"

"I guess we shall have to try and see. Are you ready to see him?"