The night had dawned by Terry Cummings

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SUMMARY: The night had dawned for a man and a woman

The night had dawned when we first I tasted her.
A shadow had fallen across the wall above our heads, but it crept unnoticed, dragging with it darkness about the room which was not unwelcome. To look beyond the window would be to behold stars awaken and see clouds turn to silver. But beyond the room the world did not exist. It had simply slipped away.
I had brought the bottle up from the hotel bar, it was her favourite brand and she had told me that she preferred it best when drunk from the skin. It had accompanied us on the elevator journey where we had exploded in passion the moment the doors had closed. When they had opened again, an elderly couple waiting on the fourth floor gave us a knowing smile and we rearranged our clothing to look respectable for the cameras in the corridors. Perhaps the cameras in the elevators had stopped working. Perhaps. We were only half thinking rationally by now and only half cared. We got to the door in more of a stumble, not because of the alcohol we had consumed, but simply because our minds had switched over from mundane skills such as walking and using hotel swipe cards to more fundamental activities derived from an instinct far more primal and far more powerful. Eventually, the card granted us access and we spilled into the room, tearing away at our clothes, hoping to get closer, nearer to the flesh, to feel the pure heat of one another and let it flame the passion, which sat so close to the edges of our minds.
As suddenly as it had started, she stilled me with her hand and pushed me away so that I sat on the edge of the bed, breathless and confused. She smiled and walked to where the curtains were hung, glancing briefly beyond and then drawing them slightly shut. A hand reached to a lamp on her right as she walked back and the room dimmed softly. Still I sat, obedient, waiting. She stood before me and pushed me back onto the bed, climbing onto me, and sitting astride my waist. She pulled the buttons apart slowly from the edges of her dress and it came away finally in a soft, fluid motion. I moved beneath her in appreciation and her breasts heaved as her breath deepened. Gently, she removed she rest of her clothes and I lay obediently still while she then removed mine. It was the stillest I would be for many hours to come.
For some time I could not tell if I breathed or if we were sharing a breath, the bed beneath us melted away and all that remained was the warm caress of skin. I could feel hair falling over my face in the darkness, and in my hands was her perfect form. I held her firmly by the waist, with timid awareness of her frailty. Her body rose and fell in waves of silken grace and through my mind a pulse beat away all thoughts. The world was only her and there was only this moment.
I glanced a shine from the corner of her eye as her head was raised back. An intrusive ray of moonlight had pushed through the curtains to probe her face and for a time it danced across her eyes and lips and chin, illuminating the angel which I now held in my hands.

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