Yoni by Menaka G

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SUMMARY: Submission for march flash fiction contest. Theme: Tournament

The crowd cheered loudly over the rhythmic drum beats. The entire city had assembled in the amphitheatre to witness an unprecedented event. At one end, a large, handsome man with giant, brown, eagle wings was straining for freedom against thick, gold chains. At the other end, a small, beautiful woman, with long dark hair, stood with her hands on her hips. She was draped in layers upon layers of gold satin, which was strangely revealing. She wore a taunting smile and her dark eyes showed amusement.
She raised her right hand in a stopping gesture and a hush fell over the crowds.
"What's the matter, Best-of-Griddhra? Are those chains too much for you?" she asked in a child-like tone. The crowd went into peals of laughter. The Best of Griddhra struggled even more with the chains.
She waited till the laughter subsided.
"Oh! How I hope the chains won't break!" she said in mock fear. "What will a poor little girl like me do then?" she pouted.
There was more laughter from the crowds.
She smiled even more widely when she noticed that the chain around his ankle was almost breaking.
"You know, you looked so scary, so tempting in all those pictures the Griddhras sent us that I decided to come down here myself, rather than send in one of my players" she continued, speaking each syllable slowly and distinctly, giving the crowds time to notice Best-of-Griddhra's imminent release. Slowly, the cheering and the laughter subsided. One by one, the chains broke with a loud twang.
"Come on, now... Come and get me..." she purred.
The chain around his left arm was the last to give way. He roared loudly at the silent crowds and then, without warning, charged at her.
She stood her ground, smiling. When he was close, she opened her arms calling him into an embrace.
In a flash, he locked her in his arms. Flapping his wings powerfully, he flew to a great height, far above the crowds. There, he stalled, took a deep breath and then, entered her.
Time stood still in her moment of pleasure. She arched her neck back, closed her eyes and let out a slow sigh to the heavens.
When she opened her eyes again, they were back on the ground. She was no longer locked in his arms.
The intensity of his experience was draining his strength. He staggered for a few minutes, his eyes rolling back, before collapsing on the ground near her feet. He lay there on his back, his wings squashed.
The crowds cheered ever more loudly. The drums were back in action.
She turned his unconscious face towards her with her left foot.
"Tch, tch! The Best of Griddhra and you could give me just one? Very bad!" she muttered.
She made a flamboyant gesture with her hand and two servants dragged him out of the amphitheatre.
She smiled at the crowd and raised both her hands to the sky. The crowd was silent again.
The crowd went crazy!
"LONG LIVE OUR QUEEN! LONG LIVE YONI!!" they sang in her praise.