Alfonso by C. King

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SUMMARY: This is a brief summary of a Mexican ninja in a futuristic parallel world. Don't call this guy a B, or you'll end up six feet under.

Alfonso was an orphan in San Francisco. His parents had been killed by racist cops. This was the first of many things to influence his strong sense of justice. He was eventually adopted by a mysterious Asian man named Sam Urai. This man was known throughout the underground world of the black market, world wide crime organizations, and ninjas as The Western Samurai. Sam, which was an alias, was a samurai trained in the art of ninjitsu and skilled with a katana. He also shared a strong sense of justice and had stopped many people who were unjust on small and large scales. However, Sam was getting old and needed a replacement. Alfonso was to be that replacement.
Sam traveled the world with Alfonso, showing him the injustice of it all. This added to Alfonso's sense that the world was steadily becoming more and more corrupt. He agreed to train under Sam when Sam finally asked him.
Alfonso learned the way of the samurai, but also the way of the ninja. He became a master with both the katana and the ninjato. He learned to use respect, humility, confidence, brutality and more to seem more appealing to his enemies and contacts to get information, privileges, and to get close to a target. He also learned to use his stealth skills as a ninja to spy, assassinate, sabotage, and kidnap in his goal to destroy the injustice in the world.
He started this at the age of fourteen. By fifteen, he was pretty well known and had beaten some of the world's strongest and most feared men and had a pretty good underground network thanks to Sam. At sixteen, Sam supposedly died in an accident, but Alfonso didn't believe that. His renowned and underground network grew. At seventeen years, he hit the main stream world of injustice by taking down a corrupted group of government servicemen from five different world powers. At eighteen through nineteen, he took down a world famous and world wide criminal empire on his own, avenging Sam's murder. He defeated the world's single most dangerous man in the world of assassins in hand-to-hand combat without a weapon with only a one and a half million dollar hospital bill. He even made contact with his old friend from the San Francisco orphanage, who had become a famous and powerful woman in the defense industry.
By twenty, his network neared the reaches of being call an underground empire. He became one of the most famous ninja's in the world, at least in the underground, even though few inside or outside his empire knew who he was. Though his actions never gave him a title, Alfonso was, and is still to this day, the most admired, loved, feared, and hated in the whole of the world's underground civilization. No one could top his resume` in quality or quantity, nor has anyone had the title of the largest bounty ever (1/4 of the worlds total money-and the person could have paid it before Alfonso killed him), the world's single most wanted person (until after his death), the bearer of the first "We, the people of the world, thank you!" award, and the Most Physically Versatile Ninja Ever award from a semi-legit underground award show.
His network and renown eventually got him noticed by a Japanese man who had, at that point, three young ninjas under his protection and in his service. This man asked Alfonso to join him against the largest threat to justice the world had seen. Alfonso considered, learning from his network that the man had some good connections and that his grandson, the Irish and Native American ninjas were pretty well known. He'd even met (if attacking his master can be called meeting someone) the Native American, Cheveyo once. He accepted and handed over the reins of his empire to a good black market weapons dealer and his childhood friend, now girlfriend. Even if the threat turned out to be false or severely overstated, it would pay off to have this retired but well connected ninja as part of his empire.