Dark Earth by David Neale

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SUMMARY: A Dark power is unleashed on the super human home world that follows the imperial prince to earth

On a planet far from earth lived a super human race that once enjoyed years of peace until a multi-factional war broke out between nations and the empire. Each faction wanted the title of emperor and the power to rule over others at all costs even it means sacrificing its citizens. However there was one obstacle to their ambitions and that was the emperor's son who held the title of the strongest super human. In order to defeat the imperial prince someone of greater strength was required. Neither of the four nations warring against the empire had a citizen that could match the imperial prince's strength and power.
The kingdom of Rukai, one of the four nations decided it would be easier to eliminate the other three nations so that would leave their kingdom and the empire to face each other. The kingdom of Kairu was the weakest nation military wise due to its human population therefore its current ruler has given his kingdom over to the empire in exchange for protection from its enemies. The kingdom of Dukai was angered at the fact its neighbor gave itself to the empire so quickly for protection and so the nation of Dukai allied itself with the kingdom of Rukai. Both kingdoms are ruled by twin brothers so it was only natural for them to team up but this left the kingdom of Kaido at a huge disadvantage due to it being a small country and very weak super human population. Despite the huge disadvantage its ruler decided to take a neutral stance in this war and closed off all access from the empire.
The war never ended after two years of fighting between the empire and the two remaining nations. The tides of war are about to change thanks to a spy from the kingdom of Dukai found a youth in a blacksmith shop in the heart of the empire that would be able to match the strength and power of the imperial prince. The youth was taken from the empire to the kingdom of Dukai to test the extent of the youth's strength and powers to ascertain whether or not he be a worthy opponent for the imperial prince.
King aserka Dukai and his adviser were unprepared for the horrific incident that was about to occur during the tests. This youth was going to unleash a darkness unseen for over one hundred years. The youth's powers were abnormal in a natural sense but at the same time it brought nightmarish results erasing the kingdom of Dukai from existence along with its neighbor the kingdom of Rukai.
This horrific event took the emperor by surprise and at the same time offered a moment of silence for the victims of the incident. During the moment of silence, the imperial prince flew over the epicenter of the destruction and spotted the youth at the center emitting a dark aura. The air above the youth reeked of death and human ashes.
The imperial prince was suddenly attacked by the unknown youth the prince spotted not too long ago and to his surprise the youth powers matched the dark aura emanating from the youth. The imperial prince knew he had no choice but to kill or purify the dark influence that was currently controlling the youth. The imperial prince broke the seal that was capping the amount of power he could use against others except the youth was also getting stronger at the same time. To minimize the risk of losing further lives the imperial prince erected a spell controlled arena for him and the youth to continue their fight without causing further destruction to the already half destroyed kingdom of Kiruku.