Flight or Birth, title in progress by james lee

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SUMMARY: a couple finds themselves in trouble and decide to run, only to find themselves in more trouble.


David Armstrong turned from his study of the road map of Poland lying before him on the hotel desk and said, "You should get some sleep. We need to head out early".
Slim, shapely legs flashed between the part in the complimentary bathrobe as Sachico walked from the bathroom door to the double bed and sat down on the edge. She pulled her knees up to her chest, wrapped her arms around her legs and rested her chin on their apex. Staring off at nothing she asked in a voice not much more than a whisper, "Do you think we're safe now?"
Despite it being the end of summer, and as hard as he tried, David couldn't stop the shiver that raced down his spine. Forcing down the flood of emotions he had been doing his best to ignore, he pushed himself out of the cheap imitation leather armchair. He squared his shoulders, bit back the pain in his right leg then took the four steps to the bed to stand in front of Sachico. Long silky, black hair brushed against his hands as he cupped fair colored cheeks to pull her oval shaped face up to meet his.
"Baby, we are a Japanese girl and an American guy in Poland. Nobody would think to look for us here."
"I know," she said without very much conviction in her voice.
David knelt down in front of his wife while multi-colored neon outside the third floor window caused ever-changing shadows to dance across the faded wallpaper of the small room. Now looking up into her slightly tilted, almond shaped eyes he vowed, "I am not going to let anything happen to you. What's happening... this's insane, I know. But we will get through it."
"I know," Sachico said while blinking back tears. "I trust you."
She reached out and brushed the two days worth of stubble that camouflaged the beginnings of laugh lines around a not too big mouth. He closed his eyes as the tips of her thin, delicate fingers caressed his face.
"I love you," she said.
"And I love you baby, all day, everyday."
In that moment, when David's sea blue-green eyes held the fluid-chocolate brown of Sachico's, he tried to project through the force of sheer will confidence and hope. His gaze never left hers, but just then he couldn't decide who was supporting whom.
David fought back the groan that tried to claw its way up from the grinding pain in his hip as he stood. He tilted her head back to press his lips to hers.
"I'll come to bed as soon as I take a shower."
All of a sudden, all the color left Sachico's face like she had been hit by a wave from a frozen sea. One hand dug into the tacky floral-pattern comforter for support. Trembling, she reached out with the other to grasp the hand of the man before her, this man, and her husband, who had done so much to keep her safe, to protect her.
"I'm sorry."
This time the dam broke, and the waterworks came like a flood. Sachico's gaze fell to the light brown carpet that blurred through tears that would not stop.
"NO!" came out like a hammer sounded off and anvil.
David reached out with three fingers to slowly raise Sachico's chin.

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