The lone assassin: Chapter 2 by Garret Mede

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SUMMARY: Fleeing the city

"Stop That Girl!" yelled a guard who had seen me running.

This morning, when I had woken up, I had already been in a sticky situation. I woke up from a deep slumber to three or so men arguing at the end of the alleyway. I rubbed the sleep away from my eyes, and got up to see what was going on. As soon as I saw it, I knew what it was. The guards had found the dead beggars.

Uh oh! I said to myself as I turned to run, but it was too late. The three guards were already on my trail.

I ran through the marketplace, where my size would allow me to slip past people whilst the guards would need to shove and slow their pace, but somehow, they still kept up with me. I dove through a concession cart, but sure enough, the guards, like the brutes they were smashed through it without even skipping a beat of their boots. I continued running all throughout the town and I finally began to gain some ground on the three raging rams. I found a group of priests wandering around and I immediately assessed the situation. There were five priests walking together in a cross formation. That's not right, I told myself, there are only usually four men in those groups.

As I ran by, I then took the time to really get a good look at the guy in the middle. You're not a priest, but I can't say I mind you being here.

Almost as if he heard my thought, Joseph looked my way from his place in the center of the priests and gave me a wink.

The next few moments were like clockwork really; when the first guard rounded the corner, Joseph shoved the man at a butcher's concession stand right as the butcher was taking a swing at some beef. The guard's hand landed right on the meat and sure enough, the beef met its second taste of blood in its existence. The next guard that rounded the corner was met by Joseph's foot. The man tripped and fell right in front of a merchant who was doing his best to hold up a very large keg of beer, but sure enough it slipped and landed on the guard's head. I couldn't tell if the mean brute was dead, or if he was merely unconscious. But I didn't care. By now, I had successfully climbed a wall and was surveying the scene from a rooftop.

The last guard had caught on to Joseph's antics by then and had drawn his sword. Everyone in the crowd seemed to melt away as the two men went into a clash of metal. The guard had more strength than Joseph, but Joseph was the more crafty. I jumped across an alley to a shorter rooftop so I could get a closer view of the two expert swordsmen. With both men dancing around each others swords, neither had any idea of my plans.

I waited for the perfect opportunity, and then I made my move. The guard was within five feet of my rooftop, so I did a stunt that I had only seen one assassin do before. I leapt from the building, blade outstretched in my flailing hands, and landed square on the guard's back, with my blade protruding from his chest.

Quickly, Joseph grabbed my arm and flung me onto his back. Even with the added weight, he didn't seem to slow.

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