The lone assassin: Chapter 4 by Garret Mede

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SUMMARY: A blade to the throat

"Wooden dummies have always been a favorite of mine." Said Jacob, gesturing to the wooden likes of men behind him.

"Today, we begin swordsmanship. Once you have surpassed what I can teach you, you will begin sparring with the master."

"I don't like him too much." I replied as I took the blade Jacob had offered me. "And I can tell he feels the exact same about me."

"He wouldn't dare act upon his likes and dislikes. If he were to lay a finger on you, he would be discharged from the assassin's guild immediately for attacking a civilian."

"That doesn't mean he can't scare me." I said under my breath as Jacob lifted his sword and thus began my sword training.

"No, that's all wrong, girl! Parry right and then slice." Shouted Jacob after he had knocked me down. It took more out of me to get back up than I had expected for Jacob had given me a quite unpleasing score of bruises along the length of my body.

"Again!" He yelled as I came at him with the wooden sword. He stopped my blade with his in mid swing, twisted it free of my hand and shoved me back all in one swift movement. "Again!"

"Master! I don't have what it takes to beat you! You block every attack I can throw at you!"

"You do have what it takes, Liz! You just haven't discovered your fighting style yet. That is what you must do before you can gain any skill with a blade." He resumed his fighting stance, "Now, again!"

This time I decided something new. I knew I couldn't outmatch him in strength or speed, but what about creativity. I ran at him with my sword raised, and when I was about four feet, I dove at him, driving my blade across his feet as I rolled by and came to a stop on my feet already facing my opponent. Before he could get up, I smacked his sword out of his hand and put my wooden blade to his throat. "Good!" He said with a smile. "You are now ready to continue.