Humanising by Michael Deboysere

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SUMMARY: a small story of a shape being transformed by an angel

Once upon a time, there was a Black shape . That shape was sad and alone. Not knowing what or when to do something. He met other shapes but they didn't help the black shape. Untill one time, when the black shape met something. He did not know what this thing was. One thing was clear for the shape: that thing was hungry and wanted to eat him.
"Strange", the shape thought, because there are alot of other shapes, all colours , sizes, etc.

The black shape began to run because no one would like to be eaten. The thing chased after the black shape.
It chased high, it chased low,
it chased so fare, anywhere the black shape would go.
All of a sudden, the thing gained on the shape and managed to bite him in the foot.
Not being able to run, he crawled away from the thing.
Then the shape heard a voice whispering.
The black shape was surprised, the voice was so beautifull. He stopped trying to escape and looked at the thing, realising that the whisper came from there. He saw the thing had weird things growing out of it's back. they resembleing like flying shapes called birds. The thing continued: "Look at your foot." The foot was reattached, but unlike before, it wasn't black anymore. Something red was flowing through it. "It will hurt when i eat you, but it will change you" Determined, the thing started to eat the black shape. But every part the thing ate, also changed, first something red flowing through, then turning to a blue colour. That change of colour hurted too, like there was something missing. When all but the center was eaten, the thing bit as hard as it could in the centre of the shape. He felt something growing inside. When the thing was done he felt something beating and flowing within him. Then slowly all the blue changed red. When that happenned, he realised...
He realised he wasn't just a shape. he was a male human, completely consumed by darkness and sadness. His name was Michael and now he saw clearly what the thing before his eyes is. It was an angel, only the wings started to dissapear. "What is happening to you? Can i aid you?" Michael asked worried.
"No, but let me explain", said the angel, " I was cupid-class angel Mila, i make 2 things of the same kind find eachother and make them stay together. But seeing all that made me hunger for some one to be with, to romance and i desperatly startedmy quest. Then when i saw you, i saw through the sadness and pain and i chose you, sacrificing my eternal life to make you what you are now." Michael replied: "So what i feel now is the truth, I never laid eyes on a creature so beautifull as you. Thank you for blessing me. I will remain at your side."
Mila's mouth cirved and showed a smile. She said:" Thank god that you will, i can only change one person but i don't know how he feels and if i made a good choice. If i made the right choice, you should feel a warmth inside, a warmth only to me, at least i hope that."
"A warmth and happy feeling", he declared, reaching for Mila's hand, "a feeling hard to describe, like i want to grow old with you, together. I think this is what people call love. With great joy i can say, I love you."
Both blushing she said to him:" i love you too, glad the bites regrew your smart brain too. Now we can spend the time with eachother and never feel alone again."

Together they started to live. On a day the calender showed march 15th 2008

The End