The lone assassin: Chapter 6 by Garret Mede

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SUMMARY: The inevitable romance

It was that moment of quick thinking that got me into the assassins' guild. They recognized my battle prowess, my ability to "contain my anger and save it until the right time was to release it upon my enemy." And most of all, they recognized my ability to protect one whilst fighting another.

I wasn't welcome with open arms, however. I had to work extra hard to keep the guild leaders in my favor. For every failure on my half, I had to succeed in at least five or more missions just to get back in favor. But I wasn't the type to quit when the goings got tough. In fact, I welcomed the challenge. It added a "fun" aspect to my new and first career.

Jacob was no longer my mentor, but my co-worker. We had many-a-mission together and we never failed while working together. I was deeply grieved when he had to leave the guild for at least two months to become close to a woman he was charged to kill. I wasn't sure if I was sad that he was going to be gone for so long, of if it was jealousy that he was going to be with a woman for the whole time.

Many of my assassin brothers wanted me to stop the business and become a weapon trainer, but every time they brought it up, I was reminded of the weapon master who had trained me, and I told myself that I would never be like him. So whenever I was asked, I just waved my hand a bit and walked away.

I kept to myself for the most part. Unless I needed a watcher, I worked alone and the only exception to that rule was Jacob. I also had only one watcher that I would work with. His name was Seth. He was sly and nimble both with his body, and tongue. He could jump from the highest tower in the citadel in his flight from an enemy and land in the smallest hay bale and be perfectly fine. And as far as his tongue goes, he could lie his way into a queen's dressing room while she was in there and he could kill her and be off with the king being none-the-wiser.

Seth was the kindest young man when not on the clock, but when he was on a mission, he was stone cold and professional. Just like me. He knew what needed to be done, and there was almost nothing that he would allow get in the way of a target.

I would chose to work with him, but he's so professional, that he accidentally injured me trying to kill the target. Now I only hire him as a watcher so he can keep me up to date on the contact's schedules and whereabouts.

The thing about Seth is, he and Jacob are enemies fighting on the same side. Jacob hated Seth because Seth always thought he had to prove himself better than Jacob. Seth hated Jacob because Jacob had time and time again requested the guild masters to exile Seth. But the worst part was, the more time I spent with one of them, the other would hate me.

I hated it. I could care less about the fact that I was falling in love with killers, but there were so many variables to the equation. Unlike a simple assassination, I actually had to take every little detail and set it into the equation. I didn't know if they liked me as much as I them. I didn't know if they only liked me on a professional level. I didn't know if they disliked me for breaking the guild code and being a girl in the guild.

Being an assassin was tough, but falling for two assassins was tougher.