"Holey" Part one by Sid Arbaon

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SUMMARY: For May FCC--The girl with one electric blue eye, and the other an opaque circle--Holly certainly earned the nickname "Holey." But when she discovers that she is not the only one with the "condition", what can it mean for her?

"Don't look her in the eye," a voice whispered from behind me. "Or else you'll get sucked into her spell."
I gritted my teeth so that I wouldn't make a remark. People always acted like I couldn't hear them, and it pissed me off to no end. I cursed Rebby, who had somehow convinced me to not wear my sunglasses.
I tried to ignore the stares I received, which was incredibly hard to do, as they were piercing me like I was a human target. I took a deep breath to calm myself. You are going to the book store, I chanted in my head. You are not going to snap at anyone.
By chance, I met someone's gaze. Their awestruck and slightly frightened look plucked the string of anger in me. "What?" I snapped. The person flinched, but I ignored it.
Growling to myself, I stalked off, walking past the bookstore, my mood for books soured.
"Hey there, ‘Holey,'" cried an unfortunately familiar voice behind me.
"My name is Holly." I replied, my tone aggravated, and turned around. "But with your lack of brains, I can understand that you are misinformed."
My antagonists, Joshua and Taylor, sneered at me, but their lips twitched in anger. "Funny, ‘Holey'." Said Taylor, his gaze directed at my right shoulder. Wimp, I murmured in my head.
"Don't you have another needy soul to go bother?" I asked, turning my back on them and walking away.
"Well, we've got one right in front of us." Joshua cackled. I winced slightly—I walked right into that one. I didn't reply; I just continued to walk, pretending that the two boys weren't behind me. The people in the streets ignored my two stalkers, only glancing at me, then glancing away. But their eyes always strayed back.
"Do you want me to do a trick?" I said rudely to another person who held my gaze. To my immense surprise, he merely smiled, his gaze even, and walked past. I froze in my tracks, and my head whipped around to seek out the brave stranger. But he was gone before I could get a good look at him.
"What's wrong, ‘Holey'?" Taylor called. "Did you lose your other eye?" He laughed loudly.
The boys continued to taunt and tease me, and I refused to give in. My patience wore thin as they crowed on and on, until I finally snapped when Taylor said in mock-whispers, "It must be hard to be a hole-eyed freak." I grabbed Taylor by the front of the shirt, and smashed his back against a nearby street light pole.
"Shut up!" I growled. Taylor looked scared, his eyes prisoner to my angry gaze.
"Hey, Holly," he said nervously. "We were only kidding."
I slammed Taylor against the pole. "Does it look like I care?" When he winced, I smiled in grim satisfaction.
"Hol-ly!" I turned my head, my hand still gripping Taylor's shirtfront. Rebby stood with her hand on her cocked hip, looking at me disapprovingly. "Let him go." She ordered. I glared at her, but loosened my grip on Taylor. He jumped away from the pole and sided with Joshua, his face pale and shaken. They immediately stalked off, leaving a frustrated Rebby with me.
"Let's go, before you make more of a scene." She grabbed my arm and dragged me away. Eyes followed us, drilling into my back and stabbing my front unabashedly.
"I wasn't making a scene," I argued weakly. "It was those two idiots."
Rebby sighed and said, "Holly, you've got to stop doing this. You say you don't like the attention—well, getting into fights in the middle of the street isn't exactly the most inconspicuous thing."
"Whatever." I replied childishly. I looked away from her stern gaze, and saw the guy from before; the one who met my gaze without flinching.
"Hey!" I called. He smiled, shook his head, and ghosted away. "Did you see him?" I asked Rebby, who was looking at me in confusion.
"See who?" She asked. I opened my mouth to explain, but then closed it. I looked to where I saw him, and wondered just how sane I was.