The Impending Darkness by Justin Thomas Squires

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He was to make a decision, in fact it had seemed as if he already had. Now really the only thing to do was prepare. Norman had given it thought for days. He really knew it was the thing he must do. Norman had to enter the growing darkness that engulfed the city of Manhattan.
Norman had always been the type for adventure. When he was nine he took a two week trip through the city, he wanted to see every secret available for him. He examined every crevice he could of the city. He had gotten pretty far and saw many things in the two weeks. He saw many crimes. He even witnessed murder. That pretty much scared the living crap out of the nine year old boy. But the truth was, Norman wasn't just looking for anything, although he enjoyed the whole experience. He was really looking for the answer to why he existed. What was his purpose in this damned world of Earth. He didn't really find anything out of the ordinary on his search, and he really didn't finish it either. After the fourteenth the days picked him up as a reported runaway.
He always was looking for the answer though. For some reason when he looked at the cloud, he felt an odd attraction. Something drew him toward it. He knew in his heart it was the way he must go. The real task at hand was breaking it to his family, and most of all his girl friend. He was only a seventeen year old boy. His mom and dad were back in the caravan on the other side of the building in which he stood. He stood on a balcony of a sky scraper, although he was only five stories up, he still had a good view. It was growing into night. At night, you could barely see the cloud. What you could see was the light given off by the explosions. They seemed so beautiful in the dark, like fire works. But the predicted reason behind them would quickly make your stomach turn, then the beauty would go away and would quickly be replaced with fear.
Fear must have been the most common of feelings through the past few weeks. So many people scared of the cloud, babies and children could be seen crying in their mothers arms as tears fell down the mothers cheeks. Men would pace the street, some mumbling to themselves. Others would cower into the farthest corner, until the caravan would move again. Norman was not as afraid, but he did fear the darkness. He needed to tuck it away though. It could not help him where he was going." Well I better get back to camp." Norman told himself. Then he gave the cloud one last look, he studied it for a moment. Then with a sigh, he went back into the building. Now he had to explain it to everyone. "Will they understand?" he worried.

Part Two: The Caravan
Norman walked through the building, going toward the darkened stair case. There were no lights due to the lack of electricity. The electricity went when the darkness came. Down the stair case he went. Then to the first floor. He examined the empty hallways of the skyscraper. They seemed so elegant and full of beautiful architecture. Such a waste it had seemed to abandon such a place. But who knew what may inhabit it in the coming hours or days.

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