Do You Like Music? Part 2 by Heston H. Snodgrass

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SUMMARY: Do You Like Music? is a tale of insanity, pain, salvation, but most importantly tunes. Take a non-linear and non-chronological journey through the hearts and minds of three people led astray in the modern world.

June 15: He Rode a Pale Horse

The snort was deep and guttural, like a child with a head cold that won't blow its nose. The snort was so loud, in fact, that it managed to pierce through the stereo that was blaring a distorted, bootlegged cassette of The Who's Who's Next, specifically the grand finale track, "Won't Get Fooled Again."

"Oh, God! I love this fucking song!" Exclaimed the twenty-something man sitting up from a mirror in a cluttered apartment living room.

"Hey baby, how's the shit?" Came a female's voice from a back room, she had to shout to be heard over the music.

"Good, good, good shit, honey! Come here at get some of what, what, what the doctor ordered!" The man's voice was high-pitched and manic, mirroring his short, fidgety body.

A tall woman with long, brown dreadlocks walked through a bead-covered doorway that once held a door and still had the hinges to prove it. She wore torn, tight bellbottom jeans and a stained t-shirt that read "I'd rather go naked than wear fur" that was cut off so short that the bottoms of her ample breasts were exposed. Weaving through the various, useless clutter that filled the living room, she took a seat on the floor next to a short table adorned with a mirror and her shorter mate. She waited, excitedly, as the twitching man cut her off a large line from a rock of cocaine the size of a billiards ball.

"Here ya go, go, go," The man paused as his upper lip quivered furiously.

The man smacked his forehead with an open palm three times. As if he hit an unseen switch, on the third smack his lip went abruptly still.

"A big one, just like you like it! Be sure to take it deep..." The man trailed off, giving his girlfriend a pseudo-seductive look with narrow green eyes that ran deep with latent psychosis.

The woman giggled and passionately kissed her man. She bent over the mirror with a rolled up five dollar bill in hand but stopped before insufflating the pale drug. She looked back up with the smile of one in the throws of true passion.

"Terrence, I love you." She said, unbridled emotion filling every word of the short sentence.

Terrance was shocked. His lip started shaking like a motorcycle engine. He searched his slightly short-circuited brain for something to say, but he could only come up with a schizophrenic word salad that had enough courtesy not to break the barrier of inner monologue into embarrassing speech. She had never said that to him before. No one had. Feelings welled up inside of him that he had never before experienced and he began to cry.

The woman set the bill down and embraced him. Terrence's tears rolled softly off of his cheeks and on to her comforting shoulder. The hug seemed to last a silent eternity. Finally, Terrence broke away from her slowly and collected himself.

"I, I, I love, love, love you too." He managed to mutter.

His lover began to cry and grabbed him tight. She nestled her head securely on his shoulder, pulling him down close. She beagn to whisper in between sobs:

"Promise me something.

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