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SUMMARY: Has the tide turned on man?

Report to the central planning committee: Agent Cooper: Report 123x: 6/8/90

*****We estimate that by the year 8095 Nanobot-particles will make up 40% of the earths mass. As we have learnt from the Mars experience, once a planet's mass of N particles exceeds 45% then total planetary particle assimilation becomes inevitable. It is my opinion, that using the current methods at our disposal a reversal, or even slowing, of the current trend is no longer possible.*****

Agent Cooper lived in a residential building which currently had the outward appearance of the ancient Empire State Building. It had been maintaining this appearance for 5 months now and would soon change, as always Henry Cooper was hoping for something from the Egyptian period. Henry entered the gleaming wooden and brass elevator, complete with authentic period elevator music and requested room 350b. Moments later the doors opened and Henry stepped out straight into his apartment. Upon entering, his apartment resembled a large, empty white room. Recently, Henry had been choosing not to leave his apartment in a standby style and preferred to approach it, each time he returned, as a blank canvas. Henry swiped the scanner with the bar code he had torn out of a design magazine, which he had picked up on the bus. Instantly, a wave swept across the room, leaving in its wake a perfect example of a period Roman style villa. Henry walked over to the large Roman bath that was situated in the centre of the room and picked up a toga. He usually preferred to change his clothes himself, rather than let the N bots do it directly because he did not like the sensation on his skin.

*****All of the latest Anti-bot strains were almost immediately reprogrammed and assimilated, rendering the last 10 years of our best scientist's work completely obsolete. In fact, their best efforts have served only to strengthen the N particles, which will have by now improved upon our innovations and incorporated them into the defence systems of their new models.*****

Laying on the chaise lounge and feeding himself grapes, Henry requested the far wall become vidi-screen and put a call into Claire, room 834a. The fresco on Henry's wall dissolved and then flashed amber, then green and then became a crystal clear image of Claire's apartment, which was decorated in the minimal sweeping, grey curves of the moon architecture style. Claire was dressed in a figure hugging one-piece silver space suit that was very fashionable at the moment.
"Nice toga, but you have to feed yourself those grapes! This is unacceptable!" exclaimed Claire, scowling with mock outrage.
"My point exactly! Why don't you throw on a toga and help me out?", replied Henry.
"I would love to Ceaser but I am snowed under. We have been getting very strange reports about Mars. All of the equipment that was left there stopped working ages ago, but now all of our satellites have stopped sending information". This was very bad news and Henry knew it but he was not in the mood to think about it right now.

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