when star(ship)s collide. by Christopher Alen F.

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SUMMARY: Entry for the August 2009 Flash Fic contest, "flirting"

they are sitting across from each other in a 9,786x10^897 km long tunnel of revolving donuts. amidst a mock simulacrum of servile gravitation sits a cafe of dazzles and delights too rich in abstraction and delectifullitude to be regarded as a mere trifle for an unremarkable occasion.

japeth'ikimmaw awaits the maitre d' and favours fancies upon his mistress jinni'daenazza so that she might continue to endure the witheringly incomprehensible wait for a table in the elegantly adorned lobby of the cafe. it is not simply an agonizing wait to refuel on hydrocarbonic nutrients of variable digestibility, but it is a dangerously destructive dampener on the mood of the now much-anticipated date.

it is becoming a trial of unspeakable magnitude.

the revolving donuts are in fact a space station named -an eloquent transfiguration of speech- positioned some nineteen quadrillion astronomical units or so from the biohistorical home of homo sapiens. -her eloquence-, as the station is known, is nested in the quelled ferocity of the fabric of spacetime once described as the merely incomplete conceptual failure of erudition, yet not so egregiously and insufficiently subdimensional a jargonistic term as others (say, a "blackhole," quote unquote), known as a "lagrange point" -- albeit well-qualified as a "super-massive pre-horizonal" one. twisting about amongst the incomprehensible mish-mash of movement that is the quatridimensional wave-action of spacetime, there lay fey nodal lines of tranquility. shifting eyes of insensible storms of structured, chaotic movement. this is the home of -her eloquence- and her cafe, and as such is the elegant backdrop for the lamentable, yet joyful encounter of japeth'ikimmaw and jinni'daenazza.

japeth'ikimmaw had happened to spot the gracefully curving lines of jinni'daenazza as she glided languidly through -her eloquence- some .0827 femtolightseconds away. enraptured and enamoured of her beauty, he blended himself bathetically into her orbit. cautiously, so as not to surprise her wholly but with enough gusto so as to spark her blood pressure and calculatedly elevate her emotional responsiveness, he cast his net and made his purpose known.

shall we grab a bite? he had intoned to her melodically while casting his most favourable profile forward.

and cautiously, though not so far as coolly, she had acceded he had had the right of it, and had replied, why certainly.

and so they had navigated with meandering magnanimity toward ~lui'd'bella's calumniating cafe of calumny~ because on previous dates japeth'ikimmaw had deduced that his paramours preferred this particular place in -her eloquence- for, he remarked aloud, its moniker names the cafe by way of inversion as "lui'bella's place of unabashed niceness and pleasantness."

she smiles at his wit, and so they wait.

and wait.

and finally, without any important or mentionable pomp or circumstance, are seated in a completely reasonable amount of time.

such as it is, on their wayward course that leads to their table, their stars are in the moment of crossing -- though in a symphony of movement never engaged upon as a possible consideration in the minds of mortal men.

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