the trailer by Jim Vaughn

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SUMMARY: first chapter

The trailer
I would like to introduce myself, My name is Terale Mc Intosh.
I am the attorney of record for one Mrs. Paul Robert Luke the third. And have had instance, to be witness to sad deeds of humanity. But the story that most bothers me the most, is Mrs. Luke's. It is a sad tale of betrayal, self indulgence that haunts me at times.
I'm forced to drive to her place of residence, it reminds me of how quickly life can go astray. It shows how quickly a person can fall from the grace of opulence, to the squalor of poverty in the blink of an eye.
I have spent more than 5 months trying to track Mrs. Luke down. I'm not sure if she has taken a new name, or just managed a way to fall off the face of the earth. I called her Mother, leaving messages, but the standard answer was usually she hadn't talked with her.
I went to the hospital where she had once so willingly donated her time. I asked if anyone had corresponded with her. Most every inquiry, brought the same inevitable answer, no I haven't seen her, yes I would be happy to pass a message along if I hear from her.
I decided at last to canvass the neighborhood she had so loved. I started with the neighbor to her right. She was a nice older lady, as I recall. She had invited me in for coffee. She said she hadn't seen Sally since the garage sale, adding that she was shocked by what had happened.
We danced around trying to pump information from each other. But after awhile, it seemed I had gotten all the information from her I was going to. So I bid her good day.
Then finally, after interviewing one of her neighbors I got a break. I learned that she had a computer, and had been frequently seen in chat rooms. I spent the next several days searching her out via the computer, and finally made contact.
We discussed how she was doing in her new found life, we also talked about the sale of her house and some money I had found hidden in Paul's offshore accounts. I asked if we could meet somewhere.
She agreed, saying she would send me directions to her trailer. Saying when you get to the airport call me, I'll be happy to receive you. After the way she was treated by Paul, I think of her as another victim of things she couldn't control.
When I arrived at the airport I was still holding her directions clutched in my hand. I approached a skycap, I asked, how far this place was or if I should rent a car, or take a cab.
He replied, "mister that's a long way into the middle of nowhere", "not only do I suggest that you rent a car, I would rent one with all wheel drive and pack a lunch. There isn't a town for 70 miles in that particular area".
Taking his advice, I rented a car and headed out across, the armpit of America, as Mrs. Luke would tell me a few hours from now. Finally on the road, I followed the directions wondering if I shouldn't have taken Sally's advice to call.
I drove through the ruggedness of the Rockies. Everywhere I looked, I was surrounded by steep slopes, and peaks, raging rivers and canyons.

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